Home Décor Ideas For Large Bathrooms

Most articles that offer bathroom décor ideas talk about smaller rooms and how to make it seem as if more space is available. It is completely true that most bathrooms in apartments from around the world are small. However, this does not mean some homes do not have larger bathrooms. What can be done for them?

home decor large bathrooms

Fortunately, there are always ideas that can be considered for both small and large bathrooms. Below, we will focus on those décor ideas that are particularly useful for the larger bathrooms.


Use Bright Colors And Mirrors

The fact that the bathroom is large does not mean you should not use the same tricks that you often use with smaller bathrooms. You should think about making the bathroom feel even larger with the addition of really bright colors and mirrors. Starting with the basics of bathroom interior design is never a bad idea.

Think about all the basics that are needed inside the bathroom, like the toilet, tub and sink. Make sure that you work with a Melbourne plumbing specialist to get the pipes right. Then, look at the accessories and all other smaller items.

The bathroom needs a mirror and things where you add items, like towel racks, soap dishes and paper holders. The small items are practically accent pieces that you should always choose at the end of the design phase and that can easily be colorful, as long as the color scheme is properly coordinated.

Consider Larger Accent Features

This includes options like a very big chandelier or even a fireplace. As the color scheme is picked, you can go for something basic and simple, like gray or white, or you could opt for something really vibrant, like purple, green or yellow. When the bathroom is large and you want it to feel airy and open, choose lighter shades. The darker tones are perfect when you want something more intimate and very cozy.

After the colors are chosen, look for a large accent feature like the options we highlighted as examples. This can instantly change how the entire room feels.

Play With Textures, Patterns And Shapes

In a smaller bathroom, this is practically impossible to do. You need to keep things simple. In the larger bathroom, experimentation is something that is preferred. You can easily consider the addition of a freestanding tub. This would be a strong focal point. Just choose a shape that matches your washbasin.

As another example, look at the floor. You can go for a very interesting design that is out of the ordinary, like geometric patterns. These can easily be mixed and matched as furniture is added to the mix.

Do Not Add Larger Closets

Last but not least, simply because you have access to a lot of free space does not mean you need to use it by adding large design elements. Storage is rarely a problem in larger bathrooms but this does not mean you should add really large closets. It is a very good idea to save space so that you end up with a bathroom that feels inviting and airy. This is so much more important than being able to store anything you want in the bathroom.

Erin Emanuel