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I try to stay on top of upcoming home design trends, because I know that there are potential DIY projects for my blog. The great thing about the 2014 design trends is that most of the elements are easy to find, and even easier to apply.

Here’s my list of what trends you should splurge on, and what you’d be better buying second-hand (or doing yourself).


Splurge: Tufted Fabric

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It seems like almost every piece of furniture on the market has a tufted design; from tufted Ottomans to tufted headboards-it brings a certain sophistication to a room. While it is entirely possible to make a DIY tufted headboard or Ottoman, I’ve seen so many DIY furniture disasters. It’s safer to just buy a new piece of furniture than spend the money on materials just to waste it all.  We splurged on a tufted sofa when we moved into our new house and it’s added an understated flair to the living room.

Save: Metallic Accents

Metal was a huge trend in 2013-from metal studded furniture to shiny chrome metal accents. But there’s a new metal taking center stage this year: copper. Most of my accents in my house were spray-painted a chrome color when I went metal-mad back in November.

The beauty of this trend is that you can simply re-paint your old accents. Or if you want to buy something new, pick up some candle holders or vases from a thrift store and spray paint them with copper paint.

Splurge: Fur and Hide

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Faux fur and cowhide are making a big comeback this year, and not just for rugs. Many popular decorators are predicting that 2014 will see consoles and chairs upholstered in faux fur and animal hide. This is a trend you definitely want to splurge on. I’ve noticed that cheap faux fur sometimes has an odd smell, and that’s not something you want your guests to comment on when they leave your house.

Save: Natural Elements

People are also gravitating toward light-toned wood furniture and other natural outdoor elements. You can replicate this without spending much. Thrift stores are full of furniture from the 80’s and 90’s, and you’ll find lighter wood tones are more popular in older furniture.

Taxidermy and antlers are especially trendy in home décor this year. Shop around at estate sales and flea markets and you’ll be sure to find something to mount on your wall.

Save: Macramé Accents

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Macramé is a form of textile-making through knotting. It’s used in virtually every realm of design-from jewelry to art. You can learn to do this yourself, or go to Etsy.com to find affordable options.

One of the most popular uses of macramé is to hold vases and potted plants. It gives potted plants an elegant look, allowing you to hang your plants inside.  Check out this macramé hanging planter tutorial.

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Olivia Glendale is a 20-something year old mother of two, both under 2 years. When she’s not busy with tantrums and changing diapers, you can find her blogging about home décor, organizing, and DIY projects at www.DIYMother.org.

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