Perfect upholstery for enhanced decor

We all would love to spend quality time at home, with loved ones, amidst the upholstery of our choice that creates the ambiance and sets the mood for calm and relaxed feel, characteristic of an ideal home. It is an undisputable fact that furnishings and accessories are essential components for enhancing the décor of your home. It is also equally true that these add up to a sizeable amount in terms of budget, particularly if you are the picky kind. Having your home done up beautifully with upholstery and fabric is everyone’s dream and if you have a well thought out plan, then you can afford your dream fabric without spending a fortune on them.

upholstery home decor

Plan to shop and save

A widely prevalent myth is that it is a waste of money and effort to spend on upholstery and despite all the energies and cost you don’t get it quite right. To transform a plain looking house into a beautiful home is not impractical or expensive. You just have to be on the lookout at the right time and place for various online discount drapery fabrics and upholstery fabric stores that offer huge price reductions and make available even the priceless fabrics at an affordable rate. This way it is very much viable to have a couple of sets of home furnishings, accessories and also change them according to your taste at an affordable price. Intelligent shopping can enable you to do your favorite room with different sets of curtains, bed covers, attractive cotton fabric, cushion covers, bolsters, and numerous other accessories, within a limited budget.

Choose the right color

Nine out of ten people have a particular pattern in their mind and keep looking for it while making a purchase. Before choosing your favorite design you need to freeze in on the color that best suit your room and that in turn depends on lot of things like the color of the walls, roof, and furniture and so on. Take great care before choosing the color of upholstery and some points of reference could be as follows:

  • Never choose light colored fabric for upholstery particularly if you have kids and pets at home.
  • In urban homes and apartments where the rooms tend to be smaller the color of cushions should be in neutral shades resulting in feel of more space.
  • If you have large rooms then dark shades would lend a cozy and compact look.
  • If you want to draw the attention of guests and make it interesting then contrasting colors make good sense and taste.

The right pattern and fabric

After deciding the color you may go ahead and search for the design and pattern that you want on your upholstery and you truly have a range of affordable printed bed linen, trims, draperies that is both contemporary and exclusive. Once you find the right color and design you may also decide on the material of the fabric. If you are particular about the natural ones you may settle for cotton or wool and various blends, otherwise microfibers using cotton with polyester or wool with acrylics are affordable and durable. By and large the modern consumer relies on cotton for slipcovers, table skirts, and draperies, and polyester blends for curtains and trims.

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Erin Emanuel