Home decorating for children

Are you interested in making your children’s rooms as bright and interesting as possible? Are you just generally fond of home decor for kids? Then here are quite a few ideas which wll transform kids’ rooms through some modern and stylistic designs. These designs are perfect for generally younger kids like babies and pre-school children as well.

Children Bedroom

One common misconception that a lot of adults adhere to while decorating kids rooms is that they do them up in themes that their kids might like. As a result many children’s bedrooms end up in themed decor like characters from Disney, the ever popular Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, fairies and goblins, sports and so on. they put in those matching rugs and lampshades and so on. However, these ideas are now outdated and overdone as well.

Ways to Decorate Children’s Room

Now there are many other ways to decorate children’s rooms in ways that they can actually evolve into appropriate living spaces for the children as they grow up too.  they don’t need to be heavily themed. Also, you can use some of these items of home decor in other parts of your house as well. For example, think of a funkily printed rug, bamboo window shades, a chest of drawers in vintage, beanbags and so on.

Children Room

Here are a few ways in which you can do up your children’s rooms in fresh ways.

You can use a lot of bright colours and interesting patterns to completely make over your children’s rooms. For example, you can put in a few beanbags in some bright colours, some chairs or stools, a rug in striped patterns and even a funky patterned bedding. If you put these within a neutrally or white coloured room, it will add shades of vibrancy. You can also put in a circular shaped table in the middle of the room as a place to sit, study and so on. you can add character to a room with some wallpapers in modern patters along with bright accents. These finishing touches will give the room a modern and yet timeless look.

If you use a rug in large patterns in your child’s room then you can also reuse the rug in other rooms of the house. Get a rug in neutral colours and large patterns and pair with a small printed and minimalistic wallpaper and put in a bright coloured throw pillow. This will add a pop of colour in the room. Trying chevron chic is not just for grownups. Use modern colours, big stripes and geometric patterns to make your room look bright and cheerful.

Using decals can be done in a tasteful and contemporary fashion. They don’t have to be about trains, cars or clowns. Why not get some decals in monsters or caricatures? They will add a quirky touch to your bedroom.

Vintage Furniture

If you want a minimalist and simple room for your child, then get some vintage furniture and get it coloured in soft pastel colours and place them against calming white coloured walls. Put in some diy artwork and you will have a lovely and quaint room for your kid. You can also put in a few funky objects to land a quirky touch to the room.

If you are all about the stripes, then get all the bedding, pillows, furniture and the floor in funky stripes. This is a timeless pattern and will never go out of style. The trick is not to take the room too seriously and have some fun experimenting with.

About the author

Daniel Lewis is an interior designer who runs his own home decor agency for the past ten years. Daniel loves watching cartoons and animated films with his baby daughter in his free time.

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