Inspiring Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Are you tired of hearing standby solutions to make your house appear bigger and spacious? Have you tried all Martha Stewart’s decorating tips, but none of those seemed to work for the better? Is your wallet depleting because of constant redecoration and refurnishing?

English novelist and “Pride and Prejudice” author, Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” If there is one element that anyone should take into consideration when building or decorating a house is comfort.

1.      Kitchen decorations on a dime

Up to this day, it is still puzzling as to why home buyers would always look into the kitchen first. Whether you are priming this part of the house to augment the selling price or you just want happiness to radiate from your kitchen, there are simple and budget-friendly ways to do this.Go for pendant lights. Hand-blown glass lighting dangling from the ceiling can create a sophisticated look. Use a woven tray to carry frequently used items inside the kitchen such as seasonings and sauces. Prop up wooden boards on the counter and prettify packaging of items in the pantry.

If you want to refresh the kitchen, you can start by repainting the cabinets with pastels. If you are going for the black and white palette, wood and metal pieces can help you achieve the lustrous and modern feel of the kitchen.

2.      Transform your bedroom

If there is any part of the house that requires no approval from anyone else, that should be your bedroom. This should always be the perfect reflection of who you are or who you want to be. It is the sanctuary of your personal taste.If you have fallen in love with beach houses in Maldives or the Caribbean, do you know that you can live in a similar set-up, too (minus the beach)? The color white will be your best weapon to success. Sparkling white linen and curtains will do wonders. Add texture and bring in some wooden furniture. Go for large mirrors that can make the room bigger.


Romantic-themed bedroom is not always tantamount to the color red. Purple, blue, black and gold can do the trick for you. The scent of freshly picked flowers placed on a sleek vase can make the room sizzle with love.

3.      Time to update the flooring

It may just be the only decoration you need to uplift the ambiance of your home. If you are tired of re-aligning your furniture, repainting the walls and revamping upholstery, your flooring could be screaming for change.

Wood, carpet, marble and tiles are the more versatile types of flooring. Flooring in Rockville does not only provide you with options, they extend honest pieces of advice to customers.

4.      Revive the hallways

Add funk and functionality to your hallways. If you want this part of the house grab attention, the azure tone will satisfy your desire. Watercolor painting in oversize royal blue picture frames will already make hallways standout. A statement bench in dip-dyed blue and a coordinating side table of the same color will complete the ensemble.

If you want a more restful vibe, use the grey-color scheme. Craft a subtle contrast to not fall into the boring level. A cream console or table will give it a more temper look. Rattan storage and wooden bend would add texture.

You can also turn hallways into a keeper of your memoirs. Make it a gallery of photographs of your travels, kids’ milestones and portrait of members of the family. The usual passageway will evolve to be a focal point of your home.

Take your cues from nature. Use your imagination, it is your best tool. Instead of buying new decors or furniture, use what you have in your home in different imaginative ways. Use your resourcefulness, it is your wallet’s best friend.

It’s Your Turn

When was the last time you thought of turning your house to home? What’s the best decorating you have tried? Which part of your house right now needs serious refurbishment?

Lets feast through different ideas. Share your thoughts, suggestions and tips at the comment box below. We’ll be waiting.

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