Top 8 Home Decoration Flaws

When we think about home improvement, the first thing that comes to our mind is how making our home look flawless. The best way of doing so is to avoid some common home decoration mistakes. Read on the article to know them to make your home look perfect!

Home Decoration

The way you decorate your home reflects your personality, taste and living style. Knowingly or unknowingly, we sometimes adopt the home decoration style that makes our home look completely unattractive and messed up.

Here we discuss some common eight home decoration flaws that should be avoided:

1)      Excessive Storage

Too much storage gives a messed up look to your home. The first thing to improve home decoration is kept only the required stuff to create a clean and well-organized space.

2)      Placing Furniture too Close to Wall

Many people keep furniture too close against the wall. The idea is to keep it away from the wall as it gives less stuffed look to your home. This setting is best advisable for living room and bedrooms. So, expose the back of your furniture for a clean look.

3)      Use of too Many Pillows

Most of us believe that placing too many pillows add to the decoration of the home. However, the fact is that excessive pillows on sofa or bed give a look of cluster that needs to be cleared every time you want to sit on the bed or couch. Also, do not use small pillows or cushions with large furniture as it gives a lost look to your room. So, change this home decoration style.

4)      Short Curtains

Curtains give an elegant look to your room. For home decoration, do not use short curtains as it makes your wall appear truncated. So, go for the long and flowing curtains to add a perfect style to your home decoration.

5)      Placing Artwork too High

Do not place your art work in closer or high to the wall ceiling. The appropriate option is to place it at a level that is on the slightly lower side of the eye contact than the higher side.

6)      Dim Lighting

To make your home look spacious and beautiful, it should be properly lighted. Using overhead lightings or ambient lightings can give a mesmerizing look to your living area. The use of designer table lamps, floor lamps and different colored small overhead lights can create a perfect ambience for your home. For a classy look, you can also use chandeliers to light up the rooms. However, chandeliers should not be hanged very high in the room.

7)      Theme Room

Unless you actually need a theme room, do not create the one. It is because creating a thematic decoration gives a monotonous look to your home. Moreover, a particular theme may turn into an outdated style after some time.

8)      Mismatch of Wall Paints with Room

Wall paint plays a crucial role in giving an attractive look to your home. Instead of painting your walls first, it is advisable to keep the decorative items and furniture in mind. It helps to choose a wall paint that compliments with the decorative items and artwork in the room. Wall paint colors are available in a wide range, so choosing the one for your home is not a difficult task.

So, know these common home decoration flaws to avoid them. After all, your home should be the best looking place!

Author Bio:  Swati Srivastava is a dedicated blogger and writer with a rich experience of over four years in the writing field. Her articles and blogs on interesting topics like Home decoration, Home Improvement and Green Living offer useful tips.

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