Decorate your home in style for the holiday season

Are you one of those who have used their ideas in past holiday seasons and are thinking about what else that could be done? We have some tips for you. In order to be unique, try doing things yourself. It adds your love and effort to the decorations and you can enjoy the preparation time staying within budget. Nothing should be left unattended. Even if it is just a little ribbon or a small snowflake, let the details shout out your efforts. From the mailbox to the bathroom, do not stuff things up, but show your attention in everything. You can put a small ribbon bow-tie on the mailbox knob and some pines and flowers on its top.

Decorate the entrance to your home

Decorate Home
Now moving to the entrance, follow a theme to decorate your entrance, we would suggest keeping things warm with baskets of flowers and some handmade lamps or led lights. In the decorations of the house, don’t forget the children. Let them do a few things for you like making paper snowflakes or decorating the tree with handmade charms by the children of the family. It not only makes the whole family prepare as a team for the celebrations, but also makes the children proud of their part in the décor for this event.

Personalize everything
Wrap the gifts yourself and add a few details according to the person being presented to, this gives your gift are an added beauty and also, who doesn’t like personalized gifts? They show love and care from you towards that person. Paying attention to such tiny details and filling them with love is what this season is all about. Add the same colored ribbon Bowties on all the doors of the house as on the mailbox.

Spread the warmth with Candles

You can use loads of candles as well, near the fireplace, on the dining table, bedroom or even in the bathroom. Use scented candles for the added fragrance. You can personalize these candles as well by sprinkling some glitter over them or wrapping with your theme ribbons or wrappers. Furniture and bed linens also play a part in the decorations. Let the cushions and pillows are of the same theme too. It may sound like painting the house in the theme, but once you follow the theme you will find out that it actually keeps things minimum yet detailed and refined. Otherwise, the decorations may look messy and hap hazardous with many colors and every other thing available in the market on your shelf.

Old is Gold
You can also recycle old things and make use of them. Use your old mason jars or containers as lamps by adding a small light into them or a candle. If you want to further personalize it, you can paint it by leaving out spaces in shapes like snowflakes or tree or so. Once you will switch on the light, you’ll the light come out of those shapes and project it over the walls also.  You can take a few wires or strings and hang your family pictures of previous holiday celebrations with them in paper frames that are very easy to make. You can hang holiday bells with it too or cut out some reindeers and sledges to add.

End up by adding a little meaningful quote of the spirit of holidays near the mantel to give a little food for thought and a nice meaning to the place that we see has the most attention in these days. Enjoy your holidays and decorate everything with love for doing it and it will show itself.

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