Your Home Deserves the Best Windows in London, Ontario

Windows are the soul of your home, letting in precious sunshine during long winter months and opening your living room to the sounds, smells, and fresh air of the outdoors during the summer. London, Ontario is a beautiful city with plenty of new and heritage houses, especially in cherished neighbourhoods like the Old South. However, many homeowners overlook the vital roles that windows play and the influence they have on a home’s appearance, feel, and value. Imagine for a minute a home without windows; it would be a very dark, uninviting place. The same holds true for a home that has old, outdated, or poorly installed windows or windows that may be in disrepair. Sealing yourself off against the outside world with thick curtains just to save on your hydro bill can leave you feeling the deprivation in the darker months that are just around the corner.

Fortunately, London is home to some great window and door manufacturers with plenty of energy efficient options that mean you keep the light pouring in without having to watch your meter tick higher and higher. Upgrading the windows of your London, Ontario home with new and quality windows makes a lot of sense and has many benefits that far outweigh the cost.


Many windows in London, ON homes are very outdated and do not have an Energy Star rating that can save homeowners money or are poorly installed, especially in older neighbourhoods like Old South and Wortley Village. Drafty windows allow cool air to escape the home during summer months and warm air to escape during winter months. This constant exchange of warm or cold air causes the homeowners to use more energy to heat or cool the home by constantly raising or lowering the thermostat, not to mention it causes issues like sweating and fogging. By installing quality, energy-efficient windows, homeowners can lower the cost of their energy bills while adding more appeal to their homes appearance and increasing its value.

No matter what type of home you have, you want to find your replacement windows at the best window company in London, Ontario. Windows come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials; for instance, if you have a log home and want to maintain its authenticity, then you can use wood cladding to keep your home’s look and feel. Superior local companies cut and fit wood cladding themselves to fit any dimensions. Whether you’re looking for heritage wood cladding, vinyl or aluminium, you can have custom made windows installed to truly make your home stand apart from the rest, and you can find maintenance-free cladding options from local companies like Golden Windows in London, Ontario.

Not all windows are manufactured or installed with the same care and quality, and installation is crucial when it comes to saving money so it is important to choose a manufacturer and installer with care. If you choose to buy energy-efficient windows but don’t have them installed correctly, then you may end up losing money due to leaks and air loss or the cost of having the windows reinstalled correctly. Always choose a manufacturer such as Golden Windows that guarantees their products, service, and installation.

You will want to choose the best type of window that suits your geographical area and climate as well as your personal taste. Whether you choose wood, aluminum, or vinyl, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional to help you choose which material will work best for your heritage home in London neighbourhoods like Old South while still providing the look and feel you want.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. Most people don’t realize just how much of an impact old drafty windows have on their heating and cooling bill. Thanks for addressing it! Energy efficient windows and an energy efficient HVAC system will make a huge dent in your utility bill. Great post!

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