Home design for autism- a healthy life for your child

Autism demands the vision which can understand the affected children from their point of view. The mindset towards autistics is pitiful regardless of the way they should be given treatment in the society.  Every parent wishes to bring out the best parenting practices for their child so that they feel same as some other child.

It is love of every parent to see their child at the heights and so they provide the best environment to grow. It is true that nourishment and caring environment can do wonders for these children. Building well designed homes for the autism can help them to grow with all positivity and learning.

home design for autism

Magda Mostafa, a well- known architect has developed a tool named Autism Aspects Design Index which is designed solely for the autism sufferers through which architectural environment is being evaluated. This tool can help in the upbringing of the autism affected children in a way which will show them fearless world around. A feeling of differentiation creates a gap when the things actually require the attention to bring the affected in the world. It is important to understand that they need to be developed in their best way. Choosing out the best architecture can provide them relief to act and stay free.

Building homes for Autism is not only the use of the best material but the sensory issues are to be kept in mind too. Providing a safe environment for the children is the aim and if they are able to adapt with the sensory happenings, this can make them strong.  When thinking of the autism, it is important to focus on their home architecture & design.

This is because a single act can bring enormous changes in their life. Each move has to be considered keeping them into focus. Sensory Design Model is a work which is especially to look at the world of autisms. This model spreads the respect which has to be given to the autism children. This actually reveals the way the autisms should be given respect and should never be considered less in any field.

Certain things which can be cultivated in the home designing for autisms are-

  1. Designing the rooms in a most interesting way- keeping lightest to darkest combination in one room to another can be thought of as the autism friendly environment at residence. This is because color and mood are scientifically connected.
  2. Providing the things the children are interested in can bring up a positive attitude in their lifestyle.
  3. Indulging them into gaming experience to make them more flexible.
  4. Label the things so as to make them aware of communication skills.
  5. Offering them food which suits their taste and behaving in a casual way at the table.
  6. The color code of the bedroom should be such that the child faces no difficulty in apprehending it.
  7. Everyone has an innate talent irrespective of disorders. Help the child get expertise in the respective field. Honor the child at different phases to build up the confidence.

The autism will experience a best lifestyle with the things that they desire to happen around them. Being an infant the things have to be developed which can prove fruitful for them in the near future.

If once they are brought up onto the track they can do wonders same as other kids. The word unusual has to be removed from their mind and they need to be given knowledge of each & everything. This will help them to face the children in outer world. So, be encouraging towards the autistic children and make them feel at home.

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Erin Emanuel