Unexpected Home Emergencies That You Should Leave To The Experts

Unexpected problems around the home are simply a part of ownership. Certain issues that arise are considered emergencies, and those problems are best left to the experts. The following are six examples of potential problems that will need immediate attention from a reliable professional.

home emergency


Burst Pipes

Unexpected plumbing problems are stressful to say the least. When pipes burst as the result of freezing or age, it’s wise to have an expert make repairs. In the case of frozen lines, attempting to thaw pipes without the proper equipment or experience may result in a house fire that could cause further damage or personal injury. You could also cause major flooding if you try to fix this yourself, which could quickly become very costly and damaging.

Clogged Drains

As harmless as they might seem, clogged drains will often require an expert to guarantee a proper home repair. Backed up sewer lines may cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly, and it’s critical that proper tools and diagnostic techniques be used during this type of emergency. Unless you know the exact cause of the clog, it’s best left to someone with more experience. Trying to fix this on your own could lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

Hot Water Heaters

When hot water heaters fail, emergency replacement is often necessary. Depending on the age and condition of the existing unit, replacement will require an experienced professional to make certain the job is done correctly. Contracting an expert is especially important when potentially dangerous gas leaks might result if repairs aren’t carried out properly.

Furnace Repair

Furnace repair or replacement is an emergency that is best left to the experts. Even the most basic system requires diagnostic skills that are beyond the scope of an inexperienced homeowner. Without an expert, simple adjustments to an oil burner may result in costly repairs once an emergency service call is made. During cold winter months, a malfunctioning furnace translates into a cold house and bigger problems.

Electrical Surges

Whether it’s damage cause by severe weather or an unexpected surge from an outside source, any electrical emergencies that involve the service or breaker panel should be handled by a licensed electrician. While replacing a switch or outlet might be considered a DIY project, working directly on the electrical panel is extremely hazardous and requires an experienced electrician to perform any work.

Broken Windows

From falling limbs to rogue baseballs, fixing broken glass should be left to a professional. While replacing glass in older windows is mostly a safety issue, repairing modern windows requires specialized tools and experienced technicians. In either case, the possibility of injury only ads to the existing emergency.

Homeowners should ask themselves three questions before attempting emergency repairs. Is there a potential safety issue? Do I have the tools or experience to even attempt the repair? If I make a mistake, how much will it add to the overall repair cost? If there is hesitation answering those question, it’s always best to contact an expert.

Informational credit to EZ Plumbing Inc.

Erin Emanuel