Lighting the Night: The Basics of Beautifying Your Home’s Exterior

You might have the most beautiful home on the block, but if you aren’t showing it off at night, it’s a waste. Just like interior lighting helps show off the finer details of your house, exterior lighting helps ensure that you and others can see it at night. Whether you want to ensure visitors walking up the path to your home don’t trip and fall in the darkness or you want to show off a spectacular blooming flower or shrub in your yard, the right exterior lighting will turn a nice home into a stunning one.

There are several main areas to consider lighting: entries to the home, walkways and paths, landscaping, and the general home exterior. Here are some tips to help you light up each area in the way that will best suit it.

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Exterior lighting can beautify your home.

If you’re looking for general lighting to show off architectural details, look at exterior lighting options for walls, overhangs, and so on. You should talk to an exterior lighting expert or landscape architect for help with this one, as it can be tricky to figure out how the height of your home, the materials visible on the exterior, and different architectural features demand certain types of lighting. The right lighting will make your home look like a showcase.

Look for safety lighting along walkways.
You should also use exterior lighting for practical purposes. Safety lighting along walkways helps to ensure that you won’t trip on a path or while climbing stairs. Walk around your home at dusk or at night to notice what areas present more of a challenge. There should be clear lighting along paths, near stairs, and near any unusual obstacles like bridges over ponds or swimming pool edges.

Highlight landscaping details.
Solar lights, flood lamps, and string lights can highlight landscaping details, depending on the type of landscaping you use. Landscaping lighting can sometimes double as security lighting and it will often make your garden look fresh and new in the night time – a garden looks very different at night! High-quality spot lighting from a company like Elite Fixtures can help light up particular flowers that open at night, for example, but be careful not to discourage plants from blooming.

Light up entries to your home.

A front and back door are typical in most homes, and some also have a side door. Make sure that each entrance to your home is well-lit to ensure your safety and security and so that you can easily put your house key into the lock at night. Front doors may demand more soft and pretty lighting, while back doors are better for bright light if you’re going to be entertaining in your yard.

Exterior lighting can make or break a home’s appearance. Whether you’re trying to ensure the safety of you and your guests at night or you want to increase your home’s curb appeal at night, choosing the right lighting will help turn your home from an unattractive or simply dull place at night to a well-lit visual trophy.

Written by Paul Singleton

Erin Emanuel