Home Improvement Ideas for 2013

With Christmas creeping closer it’s about time you extended that kitchen and made room for the tree, if you don’t make the choice now and begin planning you’ll find that before you know it your family are crowded around a tiny table and there isn’t space for a single present. Here are some of the most efficient and effective home improvements that we recommend for 2013.

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Extensions and Additions

Some of the most costly and time consuming changes that you can make to your home are extensions and additions, as not only do you have to pay for the materials and labourer charges, you can also spend an eternity waiting on a reply from your council regarding planning permissions and potential risks.

The best extension that you could choose is a kitchen extension; extending your kitchen allows for more people to prepare and arrange food at the same time. If there are more people preparing food at the same time, making dinner preparations or cooking for a large number of people should be no problem at all, so long as you actually have the volunteers to help you prepare the food. Keep in mind that if you are going to be building extensions or making structural changes to your home you must notify your neighbours two months in advance of the work beginning.

Conservatories are another ideal extension as they can be used for a multitude of purposes. Conservatories make for a second living area where you can enjoy the sunshine without having to venture outdoors or away from your house; they can also be used as a space for all the appliances that are often left with nowhere to go but in the kitchen area, but they aren’t used for cooking.

Internal Improvements

Making changes within your home, small or large, can leave you with a fresher contemporary feeling home; these changes can be something as subtle as choosing new blinds or as extreme as knocking through walls or adding skylights.

A fresh coat of paint can make your home appear much more spacious and welcoming, attempt to refrain from using too many vibrant or clashing colours. Neutral colours make it easier to sell your house in the future, but painting one wall in a different, vivid colour can provide the room with a focus, for instance if your living room has a fireplace this should be the wall that you use as feature of your room.

Bathrooms begin to look tired and worn out very quickly, taking up the flowing and replacing it with some clean white tiles can improve your house and its value greatly, especially if you keep each room looking modern and contemporary. Bathroom blinds, shower curtains and linen baskets should also be replaced on a regular basis as they can quickly become stale and unattractive; consider replacing your linen basket with a modern, durable stainless steel washing basket, the metal will also reflect light creating an open, airy feel.

Outdoor Arrangements and Adjustments

Making changes to your garden is one of the simplest tasks that you could be given; small adjustments such as planting a different type of flower or using gravel instead of slabs for your path can liven up your garden much quicker than hiring a landscaper or gardener.

Larger changes such as building a pond, adding a sand pit or improving your shed are also easy fixes, however some of them can be time consuming. Adding a pond to your garden changes the atmosphere and encourages you to relax with the sound of the flowing water; building a pond is simple so long as you follow a structured, informative guide.

Flower baskets and potted plants also brighten up the garden and outdoor area without costing a fortune or requiring a great deal of effort, so to reiterate; tidy up the garden and add a few smaller features with one larger feature, but if your garden is on the smaller side don’t overcrowd it as this will ruin your outdoor space.

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