Do It yourself Home Improvement tips to reincarnate your lifestyle

Your Lifestyle reflects your personality, ideologies, and your way of living. At times in life it is felt that there is a need for change in your ideologies and thought process. Along with thoughts changes can be implied to reincarnate your lifestyle as well. You can freshen up your home with your changed thoughts and with some DIY home improvements. Refreshed and reincarnated home can further To enlighten you with even better ideas in all spheres of life.


Do -it-yourself projects allow you to play with your thoughts. You can reveal your innovative part in the décor you impart to your home. You can try furniture makeovers, changing the décor of home, wall art, remodeling kitchen and bathroom makeovers and any given thing that strikes your mind first. Get your hands dirty and get started with few of the tips shared below. Fall in love with your space all over again.

Add color to your home: You can pep up your room with an accent wall, dramatic wall paints and wall papers help you  to do so. Get your favorite cushion colors, choose the dominant color of cushion cover and then play with that color in the entire room. Predominant color should be 60 percent that is on the wall. The dominant color should be used in 30 percent of the room that can be in curtains, upholstery and the rugs. Rest of 10 percent can be used over the other accents of the room like art work, paintings and accessories.

Revive Furniture Décor: Rework and paint your old furniture, change the upholstery with new fabric. Have one color in common in cushion to match with upholstery. Shop from home and buy new accessories in place of old ones.

Update your floor: You can think of installing carpet tiles to add more colors to the living room. To renew the floor you can even install laminate flooring as a substitute for natural wood. These are easy to put and maintain. For a retro look you can try contrasting the tiles. Try this, stenciling a design or patter on the floor. Try to partition open areas with colorful and trendy rugs.

Twist to the Windows: Try raising the curtain rod and then add full length drapes. This can visually enlarged the appearance of the room. French doors can be lined with simple curtains that can be changes seasonally. You can change those boring finials. For small windows create illusion of large windows by using full length draperies.

Say Hello To Walls: Install a picture molding just below ceiling height, this extend the look of crown molding and beautify the corner with the artwork. Get your favorite quote stenciled on the wall in away that suits your décor.  You can build a memorabilia on the wall, by grouping your favorite picture at the level of eye. You may try to give it a vintage look.

Update your Kitchen: Stimulate the appetite by adding red in white, you will also improve sense of smell and sensitize your taste buds. Arrange your glasses, plates and serving pieces in open shelves. For torch and glamour add an eye catching chandelier over Kitchen Island and give glamour to your kitchen. Give tiles a backsplash by adding accent tiles to break it up.

Bath Makeovers: Customize old dressers into vanity and give vintage look and charm to it. Transform freestanding cabinet to medicine cabinet. Get a hidden storage space with sink skirt. Place a small chair for comfortable seating and have an option to place towels and toiletries. Splurge on small decorative and picture frames in the bathroom. Try to keep bathroom linens in one color to give an ever coordinated look. Style your bathroom by changing regular showerheads with rain shower style fittings. You can give freshness to your bathroom by placing attractive plain glass vase and flowers in it. You can even have fragrance diffuser sticks and perfumed candles around the bath. Go to flee market, a car boot sale, M&S or you shop at Harrods London, you’ll find thousands of options and Ideas to boost your home decor

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Author Bio: Samuel Joyce is a devout writer but also happens to be working with London Removals Company from the last seven years. He had since then contributed several topics related to home improvement, home removals, interior decoration etc for many blogs. He lives in London with his wife and a lovely child. He loves to spend his time with family and friends.

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