Tactile Textures: What’s Trending In Interior Design This Year

If you are looking to update the style of your home and want it to reflect the current design trends of 2014, all it will take are some simple interior design changes. This year’s trends are all about bold and dramatic looks with lots of color and interesting textures. The styles are sophisticated, and are predicted to remain for many years. These trends can be used in many rooms of the home. If you’re hesitant to completely changing your interior, consider adding certain aspects of a trend and make additions over a period of time. These are four current interior design trends for 2014.

Interior Design


Monochromatic Blues

The color blue in a myriad of shades is a huge trend in 2014. Furniture and cushions will be seen in much darker tones in shades of sapphire, cobalt, azure, teal, and beryl. These darker tones will also be used on feature walls for an unexpected burst of color. Navy is also gaining in popularity because the shade is pleasing to the eye, and invokes a calming state. It is used in furnishings, kitchen cupboards, islands, pillows and walls. This trend will be everywhere in 2014.

Honey Toned Woods

For many years, the popular trend in wood has been rich, dark toned woods such as cherry and mahogany. This year, light honey and caramel tones take the spotlight. These woods will primarily be seen in floors and furniture. High quality wood options in this trend will include cherry and oak primarily because of its durability. This softer color trend will blend with any design style in the home. The shade allows a space to have a light and airy feel and will open up otherwise dark spaces.

Animal Skin

In 2014, the use of animal hides is gaining in popularity. This trend will be seen on couches, chairs, cushions and area rugs. Popular skins include zebra, cowhide, alligator and animals with thick fur. The more exotic the better with skins. Don’t be afraid to be daring with soft rugs and chose a style that works for your existing interior look. Look at Crowley furniture stores for chairs and rugs with a hint of hide and not the whole feel and texture of them.


In past years, brass was a metal that had been regarded as tacky and outdated. This year, the trend has been moving up, especially when used in kitchens. Look for brass cabinet knobs and pulls and lots of brass in bathrooms on bathtubs, sinks and faucets. When used correctly, the look is classy and timeless and will command much attention. Use it in conjuction with dark colors and brown hues.

By following these 2014 interior design trends, your home will have updated and sophisticated looks.

Erin Emanuel