6 Steps to do Your Own Extreme Interior Home Makeover

If you’re thinking about doing your own edition of Extreme Home Makeover your interior is a good place to start. Before you dive in, make sure to take time to plan ahead. Consider the following six steps t prepare for painting the inside of your home.

Interior Home Makeover


Prepare Your Walls First

You might think about cleaning your house before painting, but don’t forget about the walls. You’ll want to wipe them down with a damp cloth to free them of dust. Also, make sure you address mold with a combination of one part bleach and three parts water. Wear proper protection on your hands and eyes, allowing the entire area to dry thoroughly.

Fill Any Holes and Make Sure the Surface is Smooth

Once you’ve taken down all of the pictures, mirrors, and shelves, you’re sure to have holes that have been left behind. Take the time to fill them all with spackle or some type of filler. A spatula will work or a putty knife. Adhesive patches are effective if you are dealing with cracks.

Protect Your Molding

You’ll want to take the time to tape off your molding with masking tape, saving that for last in your painting adventure. When you do tackle the molding, think about going with a different shade for contrast.

Cover All Surfaces

According to Classic Shades Painting Company, painting contractors in San Francisco, you will want to cover your rugs, flooring, and furniture to protect them from damage when painting. Your furniture should be moved away from the walls, giving you ample space to work. You can buy plastic sheets or cloth covers to ensure you don’t have unsightly splatters.

Think About Primer

Apply primer to your walls first and your color of choice will adhere to the walls much more effectively. You can also save yourself the need to do extra coats. You’ll get better results in less time.

Be Prepared

Have your materials lined up before you start the job. Make sure you have everything you need, including rollers, brushes, a step ladder, and your assortment of paints. When you begin, start with your ceiling first, then move on to your walls. Be sure to clean your brushes thoroughly at the end of your painting session and they’ll be ready for your next round.

Do your own painting and you’ll save yourself a fortune in the process. You’ll also have a great sense of accomplishment when all is said and done. You can bring about a home transformation when you prepare.

Erin Emanuel