Home Lighting Usage and Behavior

A vast majority of UK population [90%] says that someone in their household forgets to turn lights off when they leave a room. People believe the biggest waste of electricity in the home is lights left on in an empty room. Children get the majority of the blame for leaving lights on in household with children under 18 years, but spouses and significant others get some of the blame in these households, too.

Moms are nearly 1 1\2 times as likely as Dads to blame their children for leaving the lights on. 44% people find it most useful for lights to automatically turn ON/OFF when entering and leaving the bathroom. In the UK typical household power consumption is about 5700 kWh each year. The government is investing a lot of money in educating people about their use of energy in the home and many people are now taking actions towards becoming more energy efficient.

This infographic, created by Temporary Power Solutions, revolves around the home lighting usage and behavior.


Erin Emanuel