Five Maintenance Tasks You Should Complete Around The Home During Spring

The original idea behind spring cleaning was to air out and clean out a house with no central HVAC system that had been locked up throughout the winter and was now full of soot. Even though this is no longer true in most places, it’s still a good idea for some maintenance jobs to be performed in the spring to prepare the house for warmer weather. Here are just a few of the tasks you should be doing around your home during spring:


Repair Patios, Driveways, Walkways and Decks

Small cracks in asphalt can be easily repaired with sand and a liquid sealer, while larger ones can be repaired with a mix of sand and sealer that is packed into the crack. Even undamaged asphalt might need to be sealed in the spring. One coat of sealer should be poured onto the surface and worked in with a sealer broom. After it sets, another coat should be put on and worked in.

Repair Patios

Clean and Inspect the Roof and Gutters

Roofs and gutters take quite a beating in the winter, especially in cold climates. Homeowners should contact roofing contractors Salt Lake City to help with roof inspections and repairs to make sure it’s done correctly and safely. First, the ridge shingles of the roof need to be checked, as they bear the brunt of winter weather. Shingles should be replaced if they show cracks or signs of wind damage. Shingles also need to be replaced if they’re loose, curled, deteriorated or missing.

Gutters should be checked to make sure that they still flow freely. They should also be checked to see if they contain granules and other debris. Granules are a sign that the roof shingles are wearing away. Debris should be removed and metal gutters can be cleaned with wire brushes. If wooden gutters have deteriorated, they need to be sanded down and painted with coats of linseed oil and roofing cement. Gutters also need to be properly sloped toward their outlets. If they sag, their hangers need to be repaired or replaced. To keep large pieces of debris out of the gutters, they may be fitted with screen guards or strainers.

Check For Leaks

The odd thing about some leaks is that they don’t necessarily originate in the places where they’re found. Water that comes in through a roof can flow rather like a small stream and finally leak a good distance away from it. If there’s a ceiling leak, it’s a good idea to go into the attic, find out its origin, then fix the hole. Also, basements and crawlspaces should be checked for leaks in the plumbing.

Sweep and Repair Chimneys

Chimney_sweep_repairChimneys that aren’t swept regularly can build up a substance called creosote, which is flammable. Also, make sure to check the exterior chimney. If the flue leaks, smoke will be seen coming out of the mortar joints and may even be found in the attic. Broken bricks should be replaced and cleaned with diluted hydrochloric acid. Remember to check the chimney from the basement to the roof.

Clean the Air Conditioning System

In spring, the air conditioning filters need to be cleaned. The filters in an outside condensing unit should be hosed and any debris or shrubbery removed from around it. If the filter is really filthy, it should be replaced. The condensate drain should also be checked to make sure it’s draining properly.

These few steps will make sure that the home is safe, comfortable and ready for the warm weather to come. Doing regular maintenance and repairs on your home each season will keep your house working the way it should and prevent costly problems.




Erin Emanuel