10 Budget Friendly Home Maintenance Tips

Keeping the house clean and maintaining the fixture sure are challenging tasks, especially if the area covered is quite spacious and there is no one to help you around. It’s not only the effort required and time to maintain the home but also the budget that often dents the bank account. In this article, let us discuss some tips on how to improve your home in an easier and in a budget-friendly fashion.

home maintenance tips


1. Learn the Art of Reusing

Second-hand materials do not always mean that they are less durable or less attractive. When you get lucky, you can score great ones from thrift stores and auction sites online. There are also flea markets that are selling vintage and high-quality things you can use in improving the look of your house interior. You may reuse these items such as a sturdy sofa, a kitchen cabinet, and even a bed headboard. Just make sure to wipe down stains if there are and clean them to give a polished look.

2. Work on Door Hinges

Over time, the door hinges become squeaky. The perfect solution is to lubricate the hinge pins of the door with petroleum jelly or any lubricant or product like WD-40.

3. Clean the Gutter

Check whether there’s dirt that’s stock in the gutter. Cleaning the gutter at least once a year is free of charge and does not require much effort. Take out any debris from the roof and any accumulation for proper water diversion.

4. Check Refrigerator Door Seals

One of the main culprits of high electricity bills is crappy door seals of the refrigerator. As a suggestion, keeping your door seal tight will make the appliance more efficient and reduce energy costs. You will know it’s time to replace the seals if the bill slides out without much resistance.

5. Treat Termites

Termites are among the number-one pesky insects that damage your home. You can do termite baits for termite control, use traditional chemical termite treatment with repellents that contain the active ingredient Fipronil.

6. Fix the Wallpaper

It may not necessary to replace the entire wallpaper. Sometimes, you may need to fix unfurled wallpaper and make it smooth with a clean cloth. The easy process starts with peeling it first with a knife and then pressing it on to the wall back again.

7. Do Paint Touch-ups

On the other hand, if your walls are painted, giving your house a facelift by retouching the walls with leftover paints is a good idea. Clean the dirty spots first and perform spot painting.

8. Replace Faucet Handles

If you have been using the same faucet handle for years, it may be a good time to replace it as it tends to wear out quickly in typical scenarios. A sign that it needs replacement is water leakage. Turn off the main water supply, unscrew the handle, remove and drop in the new one.

9. Clean the Sink

Sinks in the bathroom and kitchen should be regularly cleaned. If you’re looking for a home remedy, vinegar ice cubes are effective as a cleaning solution.

10. Replace Damaged Window Screens

Seeing a hole in the window screen signals replacement, unless you want to welcome bugs and other pests in your home. Duct tapes are temporary fixes that won’t prevent the damage in the long term.


Hiring a professional to do all these tricks may be tempting. But if you think you can pull them off by doing them yourself or asking help from a family member or a kind neighbor, then it’s better to go for your own attempt to save costs. These home maintenance and improvement suggestions are workable and simple to do to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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Bryan Castor is enjoying the perks of financial independence while juggling his studies. He is a student by day, writer by night.

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