Four Home Maintenance Steps to Take Before Warmer Weather Descends

While it’s true that it is cold right now, warmer weather isn’t far away. It’s a good idea to get a head start on home maintenance so you are able to enjoy your home in the nicer weather. Here are three things that all home-owners should do before the warm weather sets in.


1. Spray for Insects

Spray for Insects

As the weather heats up so does the local insect population. RAM Pest Control in Aspen Colorado suggests targeting insects while they are dormant. By beginning a pest control regimen now, home-owners can target insects like ants, termites, and bees before they start breeding and pose a risk for home-owners.

2. A/C Maintenance

AC Maintenence

Air conditioning maintenance is an important step to take before the weather really begins to heat up. Home-owners should have all vents, fans, motors, wiring, and other air conditioning parts inspected and cleaned to ensure that they came through the winter safely. Snow and freezing water can easily short wires and damage parts leaving them at risk for overheating and catching fire. It is far better to check the unit before it is needed so that should there be any repairs or part replacement needed, it can be done well before warm weather.

3. Check for Cracks

One thing that cold weather, particularly snow and ice, is good at is creating cracks in exterior walls. Take the time on a mild day to search for cracking around windows, doors, vents, and other places to help keep water from seeping into interior walls as well as to help maintain the energy efficiency of your home. Additionally, caring for cracks can also help keep insects and small rodents from infiltrating your home, building nests, and causing damage. Taking the time to caulk small cracks and repair cracked or damaged siding can go a long way to maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

4. Prepare Yard

Warmer weather means more time in your front and backyard, so get a head start on everything you will need to take care of the yards. If your lawnmower is broken or in need of a replacement this is a good time to take care of it so you aren’t caught unprepared at the start of spring. For pool owners this is a good time to stock up on chlorine and other pool supplies. If you left your pool to sit in the winter it is a good time to start cleaning out the pool. Better to spend a little time getting ready now so you don’t have to once the weather turns beautiful and you want to spend all your time enjoying your yard and not working in it.

Simple home maintenance can really make a lot of difference in helping to prepare your home for the melting snow and warm weather. They can also help to save you thousands of dollars in excess repair bills that could have been prevented if simple maintenance steps had been followed. Remember whether you are in Florida or Sweden, it is still important to perform routine maintenance to help keep your home cool, comfortable, and insect free in the coming spring and summer months.

Erin Emanuel