The Different Home And Office Air Conditioning Systems

There are indeed a couple of cooling systems that you may install in your home or office. They actually range from units installed in a window or a wall, to units that will roll around the floor, to central air conditioning. The similarity among all these AC systems is that they make use of 5 elements – these include the compressor, expansion valve, evaporator coil, refrigerant and condenser.


4 Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

1. Window or Wall AC

This system is also called a unitary/window air conditioning system unit which is placed in a window or perhaps through a hole in an exterior wall. Oftentimes, this system is placed in a window due to the damage it may cause when you add holes on the outside walls of your home. It is called a unitary system since all the refrigeration components are contained in one compact box. It indeed ejects heat out on one end and blows cool air out on the other end.


2. Central AC

This is the premium cooling solution for homes and offices. It is considered the quietest, most comfortable and best performing AC type. The only risk though of using this AC type is that it must be sized appropriately for your home – if it is sized too large, it will not perform well and won’t adequately dehumidify. This type of AC system is composed of 2 packed units – the condensing unit and the evaporative unit. These 2 units are connected by refrigerant tubing. The difference between the 2 is that the condensing unit sits outside and consists of the condensing coils and fan and the compressor; on the contrary, the evaporative unity sits in the plenum of your furnaces so that the AC will make use the same ductwork as your heating system and it consists of the expansion valve and the evaporator coil.

Central AC

3. Split or Ductless AC

This is otherwise known as a packaged terminal air conditioner. This system will break the AC systems into 2 packages or terminal units and refrigerant tubing will pass through the wall, thus, connecting both package units. One package unit is the condensing unit which is placed on the exterior and includes the condenser, condenser fan, and the compressor while the other package unit is the evaporative unit which is placed on the interior and includes the evaporative coil, expansion valve and the fan. The interior unit handles air cooling as well as distribution.

ductless or split air conditioning

4. Portable AC

This AC system consists of a mobile self-contained AC unit that is located on the floor inside a room and discharges exhaust heat by using a hose vent via an exterior wall. This AC system has all the refrigeration component on one compact box like the window AC.

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Portable Air Conditioning

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