How To Achieve Style and Functionality in Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

While the media is inundated with stories of celebrities stocking their homes with glitzy and often useless luxury items, the truth is that a home can still look great while embodying the virtue of frugality. Here are just a few ways to make your home stylish and functional without draining your wallet.

how to renovate home in budget


1. Look for Good Materials

When remodeling or decorating your home, think of that material that you are using. While you may not want to spend extra on quality material, not doing so could end up in multiple replacements or repairs that could cost more in the end. Buy quality products that are timeless to last you a long time. A neutral-colored and sturdy mixer for your kitchen can last years. It can also continue being used when you change the look of your kitchen since it’s a neutral color. You should choose products and material that will last a lifetime so you don’t have to replace every few years.

2. Emphasize Warmth and Comfort

A good, large rug placed on a wood floor in front of an old stove or fireplace will give a home a feeling of warmth and friendliness. Good windows will also not only provide for a warm and energy-efficient home, they will let in natural light that can lend a house the perfect look, say the experts at New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc. Purchasing a few inexpensive shelves for books and stocking them with dusty old volumes found at any used bookstore or thrift shop will lend any home a “preppy” vibe for only a fraction of what most interior design stores charge for the latest in home amenities.

3. Finding the Right Vintage Furniture

There are several good reasons to stock a house with vintage furniture, not the least of which is that the right pieces will still be around decades or even centuries after their creation because they’re so well-made. Stores are so keen to make money on newer items, that we often forget how the overlooked dresser or table from the antique shop a few blocks from the megastore is filled to the brim with luxury items of top quality woods. Once you find a store you trust, you’ll also have a never-ending supply of excellent furnishings for your home, while other homeowners are spending thousands on pieces that will be out of style by next year.

4. Consider Storage Space

While your goal may be to make your home as updated and modern as possible, don’t sacrifice your storage options for looks. You can hide storage just about anywhere, no matter what look you are going for. You can install smaller shelves that pull out in the kitchen behind large cabinet doors. To save money, use furniture with storage options so you don’t have to buy more boxes and shelving. Many beds have drawers on the base, and you can find ottomans and couches with hidden storage.

Finding the perfect look for a home does not have to be a chore. Having fun while finding great furniture and interior designs can be one of life’s great pleasures, and your guests will be charmed when they visit.

Erin Emanuel