After A Home Remodel: Steps You Need To Take Once The Project Is Complete

People conduct home remodel projects to improve their quality of life and raise the value of their homes. Remodel projects are opportunities to restore a property back to its original grandeur or to bring modern features to an outdated space. Whether one’s project is a small remodel or a full-blown home renovation, here are six steps to take after the home improvement project is finished to save money, practice environmental responsibility and ensure maximum enjoyment of the new space for years to come.

Project Completion Steps


Enlist The Help Of A Professional Inspector

Employing the services of a home inspector is a particularly important step to take after the completion of expensive, complicated projects. A home owner should have a check list of specifications to ensure that work orders were done, and the professional inspector can determine whether the work was done correctly according to industry standards and local building codes.

Pay The Contractor

After the work is thoroughly inspected, home owners should pay the contractor their final installment payment. Payments should be made using a tracked medium and not cash, which is helpful if subsequent disputes arise. Be sure that all signed contracts are satisfied and keep their contact information in the event that you notice problems with the home.

Locate Items For Recycling, Reuse and Donation

When home owners have their kitchens and bathrooms remodeled, many of the fixtures still have some useful life in them. These people need to locate items that can be re-purposed for their own indoor or outdoor use. Items in very good condition are candidates for tax-deductible charity donations. Also, old metal appliances are worth money at metal recycling facilities if one has the time, muscle and transportation.

Call Waste Removal Company

Contacting a waste removal company to remove rubble and unwanted clutter helps home owners to organize the new space and get it ready for use. It can be time-consuming and expensive to make multiple trips to the dump, so having a company take care of it for you is a great option that will leave your space clean and neat shortly after the project is finished.

Register And File Away New Appliance Warranty Information

Although modern point of sale systems at the big home center stores often automatically register warranty information, it is good to fill out the paperwork that comes with the product. Equipment manufacturers keep record of repairs using this information. When product defects occur, these manufacturers usually supply replacement parts and conduct repairs for free.

Update Home Insurance Information

Home owners should make sure that new rooms, furnishings and appliances are covered under their home insurance policies to protect against damage and theft. While this may affect your current rates, it is well worthwhile in the event of a natural disaster or other home damage. If you have updated appliances, make sure it is covered under the new insurance in case of theft.

Taking time to conduct these six steps may seem a little unconventional at first. However, these post-project activities could save home owners considerable time and money in the future.

Informational credit to Ontario Trucking and Disposal.

Erin Emanuel