Home Remodel? Tips To Make Sure You Get The Most For Your Money

For homeowners who are planning to remodel their property, the task can be quite the investment and easily cost thousands of dollars for a single room. Between creating open floor plans to adding crown molding, every detail is an extra expense that should be accounted for. To make sure that every penny is well spent, it’s important to follow a few tips before beginning the project.

Home Remodel


Do Simple Touch Ups

Not every upgrade needs to be expensive. Do simple touch ups during your home remodel to increase the value of the property, which can include painting the trim or adding a pop of color to the front door. Getting a new door or painting the entire home might not be necessary with a few touch-ups.

Pay Attention to Quality Over Quantity

Instead of trying to expand your property or add more features, focus more on the quality of the work that is done than the quantity. You may be able to add new flooring in more rooms with a cheaper material used, but it doesn’t necessarily increase the value or quality of the home. This also applies to roofing, which can lead to future problems and more money spent if lower quality of materials are used. Consider metal roofing for extra protection and a fresh look at a good price, say the experts at Chisholm Roofing Ltd.

Use Neutral Colors

When it’s time to sell the home, neutral colors will attract more buyers and can boost property value due to the curb appeal. Stay away from unique designs or custom features, which can make the property an eyesore. Research the year’s most popular shades to use, which can upgrade the space and allow it to look more modern. Neutral colors allow you to make changes to a room later without having to completely remodel. By using different furniture or d├ęcor, you can transform the look of a room so long as the paint is a neutral color that can go well with different tones.

Know the Return on the Rooms You Remodel

Each room in the home can be remodeled to increase your property value, but you may not see much of a return depending on the room. Although finishing a basement can increase the square footage of the property, only 63 percent of the investment is recouped. A minor kitchen remodel can cost an average of $18,000 with 65 percent recouped. Do the math ahead of time on which room is worth investing in.

Add Flex Rooms

Flex rooms are one of the latest additions with home remodeling and can offer more versatility with the space of the home. Flex rooms are considered second family rooms and can serve as a game room, play room, or additional seating area for guests.

Look at the Neighborhood

Upgrade your property within the general context and style of other homes in the neighborhood, which will prevent it from standing out and clashing with the surrounding area. It’s important to avoid over- or under-improving the home during the remodel. This is especially true if you are making any updates to the exterior of your home.

By steering clear of common mistakes made by homeowners during the remodel process, it can be possible to upgrade the space and allow it to live up to its full potential. Instead of overindulging, use balance with each upgrade and have a reason for each change that is made.

Erin Emanuel