How to Keep Your Home Clean While Renovating

Every now and then, home renovations are a wonderful way of transforming and upgrading the space we live in. But as anyone who has undertaken their own renovations will know, they can be very messy. Fortunately, keeping your home reasonably clean during works is easy if you know how.

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Take Your Furniture Outside

Perhaps the simplest way of ensuring that your furniture is kept safe from any mess you make while renovating is to put it outside. Not only will this keep your furniture clear from debris, but it will also give you more space to work with. Ideally, you want to strip the room down as much as you can so that the only things left are the things that you really need access to, or which cannot be moved.

Once you have cleaned all the furniture out of the room, it is worth giving the place a bit of a clean and a dusting before you start working, especially if you are going to be painting. You might think that if you are going to be making a mess anyway then there is no sense in cleaning the place beforehand, but if you are going to be adding more dust and debris, you need to clean even more. You should be aiming to minimize your exposure to dust and other large particles that you don’t want to breathe in.

Cover it Up

Cover up any furniture that can’t be removed from the room and do the same for any permanent fixtures around your work area. Sure, you can throw any old blanket over furniture to protect it, but different materials will offer different levels of protection, and some may even be harmful to the fixtures you are putting them on. We recommend using Trimaco dropcloths, professional-grade dropcloths that are reusable and made from high-quality canvas material. Whatever your home renovation involves, Trimaco dropcloths can keep even your most precious furniture safe.

Isolate Your Work Area

The best way of approaching your home renovations is to break the overall project up into smaller tasks. Focus on working on one area of your home at a time so you have less to worry about. If you have different work going on throughout your home, you will have less safe space to keep your furniture from being damaged during the work.

Create Pathways

Use a heavy canvas or plastic sheet to create a pathway through your home, leading from your front door to the main work area. This will enable you and any contractors who are working on your home to walk through the place without worrying about treading any dirt into the floor. It will also offer some protection to your floor in case anything heavy is dropped. This will also help to guide people who are unfamiliar with your home to the right area and minimize how much your furniture is exposed to potential danger.

Don’t let debris, tools, dust or anything else build up over the days. The more general mess there is around you, the more likely that there will be an accident and your furniture will be damaged. It is also much easier and quicker to clean up each day, instead of waiting to do the whole lot at the end. As long as you stay on top of it, keeping your home clean during renovations is easy.

Erin Emanuel