Home Renovation: How To Successfully Complete The Project Without Breaking The Bank

When you’re planning a home renovations project, one of your top concerns will be the budget. Projects have a way of snowballing and becoming more expensive than you anticipated. However, there are ways to control the cost and keep everything in line.

home renovation project


Go Stock

Custom options are great, but you’ll pay quite a bit more for the benefit. Save money where you can by going with stock items. They cost less, and you won’t have to wait to make the purchase. You can still get a great custom look with a combination of stock items you like. There are many choices that are sure to fit your style in the home to get the exact look your are going for.

Waste Disposal Bins

Consider the cost of removing debris. Not only do you have to haul old fixtures out of the house, but you also need to get them off the property. You’ll spend a small fortune in gas driving to and from the dump, and you may have to pay a fee to leave it there too. It’s easier, faster, safer and more cost-effective to rent a disposal bin from a company that will haul it away when you are done, resulting in lower costs and less stress.

Invest More in Planning

Spend more time planning the project to avoid surprises. Make sure that you’ve allowed for all the hardware, finishing projects, specialty tools and other items that you might need. Be sure to plan everything from the budget to the color you want, and make sure everything is available. Most people go over their budget with home renovations simply due to poor planning.

Watch the Waste

Contractors allow for a great deal of waste because it saves time, but you’re in the mood to save money. Watch the waste by trying to use scraps in other areas. When you’re installing hardwood floors, for example, keep a stack of cut pieces. These are perfect for starting and finishing off rows as long as you put the cut end against the wall.

Resist the Urge to Deviate

You plan for one type of hardware but then see something you like better. This is where costs start to spiral. Deviations from the plans delay completion, and they can also wind up costing you more. It’s easy to say that you might as well change another item while you’re already at it, but these little additions can really add up to make the project more costly.

Shop Where the Contractors Shop

If possible, talk to an area contractor to find out where they buy supplies. You may discover that they shop at a place that serves the general public. You’ll find more attractive prices there, and the quality may also be better. You’ll have to know what you need ahead of time because these stores cater to the contractors, but they’re an ideal place for buying your basic doors, windows, siding, dimensional lumber and other supplies.

There are ways to bring your home improvement costs in line and make your project more affordable. Don’t just leave this process to chance. With some work and these smart tips, you can keep everything within budget and save a small fortune.

Informational credit to Ontario Trucking and Disposal.




Erin Emanuel