Renovation Sensation: The Hottest Trends in Home Updates in 2014

The experts agree that 2014 will be the year of glam. Home renovations are receiving not only glamorous touches, but are going green in a big way. Energy saving windows, doors and appliances are becoming the norm instead of the exception. Also trending now is a USB socket for the wall that cuts off when tablets, phones, and gaming equipment are fully charged. Besides these small changes, new trends in room renovations are making old outdated houses go glam.

Renovation Sensation



The kitchen is being recognized as the heart of the home by endowing it with unusual lighting fixtures. Light bounces off hammered brass hinges and handles, chrome appliances, and shiny floors. Cabinetry will no longer be boring wood tones, but deep jewel colors. Counter tops will be simple instead of granite. This year’s kitchens will be sleek and chic.


The plumber will have a little more to do in this year’s bathrooms if there is a leak. The tub/shower combo is out. Bathrooms of 2014 will have separate tubs with jets and showers and multiple jets and shower heads. Heated towel racks, stand alone basins and hidden toilets will grace this year’s bathrooms. Trending colors this year include neutral grays and tans on glass tiles. Make sure you install all the most important working parts correctly and get a thorough sewer cleaning to start perfectly afresh in your new room.

Master Suites

Think warm and inviting. This year’s master bedrooms will be pulled together using color and texture. Shades of blue are trending this year, making it easy to coordinate bedding and curtains, and simple throw pillows on the easy chair and the rugs. For an elegant touch, replace the lamps with crystal wall sconces.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor living space is all the rage right now. Square footage is being increased with outdoor areas for entertainment and ease. Built-ins include planters attached to sofas. Fire pits are surrounded with easy chairs. The cooking area includes a grill, fridge, and sink for washing up. All this is accomplished using comforting blues, grays, and tans with splashes of color in the throw pillows. Building the outdoor room using deep dark woods and gray stone is trending this year.

Home Office

With 1/4 of the population working from home, there needs to be space for a home office. If the guest bedroom is doing double duty, consider a sofa bed, or a futon doubling as a bed. Lots of windows for natural light, dark wood built-in bookcases and hardwood floors make a professional looking office. As a bedroom, it looks cozy and warm with recessed lighting on a dimmer.

2014 is sure to be a great year for your home renovations. These trends are current, yet simple enough to last a lifetime. Making these changes doesn’t have to be out of reach, do some of it your self and outsource the work you can’t do yourself to tile companies, or builders who are doing some of the┬ánewest trends.

Erin Emanuel