Important Things To Consider Before Deciding Whether To Renovate Or Relocate

Shelter is among the basic needs of human beings. This is why you need to ensure that the home you are currently residing in is at its excellent condition. Of course, you would not want to risk your family’s life living in a high risk abode. In case you are already on the situation where your home no longer meets your needs, your might face one of life’s big decisions – you have to choose between relocating and renovating.


Indeed, deciding whether you have to undergo the process of renovation or relocation is difficult. However, there are things that must be considered in order for you to choose the best decision.

Important Factors To Consider

Your current and future needs–You must be clear about where you are at now, as well as where you plan to be in the next 5-10 years. If you know your current and future needs, you will be able to efficiently map-out the must-haves of your dream house against the nice-to-haves.

The condition of your home – Be reminded that without careful assessment, what might just start as a simple renovation could end up being an expensive and time-consuming project. If you are thinking of undertaking a renovation, it is very important for you to look beyond the floor-plan as well as assess all the hidden elements such as the wiring and the condition of stumps and plasters. In order for you to get the best picture of the condition of such structural elements, it is a smart idea for you to consult the professionals. Indeed, by investing in their time and knowledge, it will certainly pay off down the track.

Stress levels – It is very important for you to think about what will best work for you. Renovations and moving might put a huge strain on relationships; however, it is not funny at all if you are living through it. Determine if moving is more or less stressful as opposed to staying where you are. Also, know how you would cope with the disruptions associated with a renovation. Most importantly, you have to know how attached you are at your current home, street or neighbors and how you are prepared to embrace changes.

Overcapitalizing – Most of the time, the dilemma with either to relocate or renovate is overcapitalizing. This is where you spend more money on your home than you are most likely to recoup when you have to sell it later on. You really have to pay attention to prices in your street along with its surrounding areas. When your planned renovation will take your costs too high, and you want to sell it sooner, then you have to rethink your strategy. In other words, determine if the price of the renovation process is worth it in case you are to sell your house in the future. Be reminded though that overcapitalizing will not become a huge issue if you plan to live in your renovated home for long-term.

Relocating or renovating will necessitate weight both their pros and cons. It is through this method that you will determine which among these choices will best suit you, your family and your budget.

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