Home Renovations that pay for themselves

Renovating homes is a traditional pastime for most Americans, and several projects are ideal because they add value to a home, make it more attractive in the real estate market and are easily completed by handy homeowners over an extended weekend. Saving energy is just one way for consumers to conserve their resources while improving their earning power. Installing energy-efficient windows, doors and insulation allow homeowners a chance to reduce cooling needs during the summer and lower heating bills during the winter. Enhancing individual rooms through renovation projects lets homeowners use sweat equity to improve their home’s overall value.

Home Renovation

Saving money on monthly expenses is a paramount concern, and older homes are especially suited to a range of energy-efficient projects that cut heating bills and slash cooling bills. Because may structures were built during a time period when air conditioner usage was not widespread, many properties are full of leaks, holes and cracks that waste experience hot or cold air. Replacing the existing windows in a structure is one way for homeowners to save money, and a wide range of different products offer varying degrees of savings. Some panes of glass are tinted, ad they reduce the amount of heat transfer that occurs during the summer. In addition, extra panes and gases between individual pieces of glass conserve energy and ensure hot air is trapped inside a home during the winter. Replacing windows is an ideal way for homeowners to trim their budgets while improving their property’s overall value.

Refinishing an older bathroom is a cost-effective way to update a tired room while making a home more attractive to prospective buyers. Several bathroom renovation projects are ideal for handy homeowners or are easily completed by experienced contractors. Porcelain, ceramic and marble floor tiles are all great options and provide a new texture, add a relaxed ambiance and are installed in a wide range of different patterns or mosaics. Because the products are naturally resistant to water, they also make an ideal flooring choice for baths and kitchens. Tiles also serve a functional role and offer protection against excessive moisture and humidity. Renovating bathrooms is by far the best investment that a potential seller can make in their property, and the minor expense of a project is more than compensated for by the added sale price that homeowners receive.

While most roofs are designed to provide decades of protection, their initial expense requires a proactive maintenance approach that relies on regular inspections to address minor problems before they turn costly. Professional contractors regularly provide this service to their residential and commercial clients on an affordable basis. Having inspections performed annually also ensures that homes that are in stormy climates are quickly repaired and ensures that claims are covered under an applicable insurance policy.

Because homes are the most expensive purchase that most consumers make over their lives, protecting the investment by performing rewarding renovation projects ensures residents enjoy their living space and adds the value that is essential for a successful sale. While it is true that any investment adds value to a home, certain areas are notoriously better suited to an influx of capital. Bathrooms are a heavily trafficked room, and installing new flooring is a cost-effective project that offers high returns in the event of a sale.

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Erin Emanuel