Five Home Repairs Guaranteed to Get You More Returns

If you are looking forward to selling or refinancing your home in the near future, some repairs, upgrades, and improvements should be high on your to-do list. Even if you have no such plans, it is wise to give priority to home improvement plans so you can get the greatest return on investment. In the event that you are forced to borrow against your house to finish such projects, you will be glad you did. When remodeling or renovating, you want to pay attention to the projects that will give you the most returns and won’t be a waste of money in the long run. Below examines five different home repairs, improvements, and upgrades that will return the most to you in terms of dollars invested. Use them to help your house get a good price on any market.

The Fireplace

gas-fireplacesA cozy fire on a cold night is a godsend. Home buyers and real estate appraisers know and appreciate this. Anything you can do to enhance the look and functionality of your fireplace without dipping too deeply in your savings will pay you back almost instantly. Features and upgrades to consider include glass fireplace doors, brick and cracked mortar repairs, and decorative replacement mantles. Special care should be taken to make sure basement fireplaces are functioning properly, and can be used by new buyers. Gas models will give you a lot of use and will be a good option for a basement fireplace. If you want to go the wood burning route, make sure they are easy to access for cleaning and maintenance.

The Front Door

If you want to recover almost all of an upgrade investment quickly, then replace your old front door with a smart, new, steel door with clear, dual-glass panels. If you want a more private option, go with solid oak and skip the side glass panels. Homeowners looking to buy will appreciate a door they can monitor and open only when they want. If you can’t afford too much on a new door, just repaint. A splash of vibrant color can give your home personality and a new look. Whatever you spend, you can expect to get just about all of it back when you sell. It’s part of curb appeal and a good invitation to your home.

Windows and Window Treatments

A home with aged windows can seem dated and worn. Obsolete windows are also energy inefficient, and doing nothing to improve them can cost you money in terms of higher energy bills. If you live in a region known for extremely hot or cold weather, the first place you want to look for energy savings is exterior wall insulation and exterior windows. Replace any old or drafty ones if you can, or simply re-seal them.

If your windows are good, then you may want to consider inexpensive window treatments as a sure way to smarten up a room. Well-designed and inexpensive window treatments and upgrades include vinyl plantation shutters from Sunburst, wood slat blinds, and colorful curtains which can alter the entire mood of a room, and up the value of a home. Dressing up the place in subtle ways like this can really dimension to a room.


Curb appeal is what first attracts the attention of visitors to your home. Many real estate professionals regard curb appeal as the number one selling factor when it comes to residential real estate. When a home looks unkempt from the outside, people will automatically assume the same for the inside. Use some elbow grease and clean out gutters, weed and trim the flowerbeds, and wash outdoor windows. If you have empty flower beds and no time to tend to them, throw in some rocks and maybe a statue. It will look better without you having to pay a ton of money on plants. Landscaping is one of those projects that can be undertaken by just about anyone, and save a homeowner even more money.

Kitchen Upgrades

It’s hard to go wrong with kitchen upgrades when it comes to recouping home improvement dollars. The kitchen is the one of those areas where people spend a great deal of their time. Potential buyers always appreciate new and modern cabinets, appliances, counter tops, and all those things that improve the quality of kitchen life. Simple upgrade projects here will pay off because they address those basic and universal needs of any family looking to buy.

Home improvement project planning requires a strategic vision, a budget, and the willingness to see projects through to completion. It is always helpful if the homeowner has a flair for design and a good eye for feature selections. Of course, everyone has their own ideas concerning style and taste, but improvement projects that incorporate the widest possible range of popular tastes will win the day when it comes to after-market value and marketability.


Erin Emanuel