Types of Alarms to Improve Your Home Security

When people talk about home security alarms, they are often thinking about the most common type of alarm – the traditional burglar alarms. What you may not know is that modern home security technology has vastly improved the types of alarms you can install in your home with an integrated security system. As a result of these technological break throughs it is now possible to have far more control over the safety of your possessions and your loved ones within your home.

Home Security Equipment

Regardless of whether there are young children, elderly parents or teenagers, within the home there are alarms that can help you keep them out of danger while allowing them the freedom to move about. If you travel often and are frequently away from your home – on business trips, for example – secure your peace of mind knowing that your home security system is doing its job.  Protecting your home with a thorough and complete alarm system can mean a world of difference when you are far away.

Popular Types of Home Security Alarms

The following are the most common and popular types of home security alarms available to the modern home owner:

  1. Burglar alarms – high on the list is the burglar alarm, which is composed of glass break detectors, motion sensors, door and window open sensors, panic buttons, control panels and any other feature that protects your home from intruders.  If a burglar breaks into your home by smashing a window or forcing open a door, you and your monitoring service will know immediately.
  2. Smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide gas alarms – integrated home security alarms systems now incorporate the home’s smoke and fire alarms with the carbon monoxide gas detectors to ensure protection 24/7.  This can be done by installing one additional monitoring device.
  3. Environmental alarms – many people haven’t heard about these yet, but they are becoming an increasingly popular way to prevent costly damage from leaking water or freezing temperatures in your home. Flood threatened areas are profoundly helped by these alarms so they can ward off potential dangers.
  4. Pool and gate alarms – if you have outdoor gates that lead to your home – either to the street or to a pool, anything that might present a danger to young children or elderly parents. Installing pool and gate alarms will provide a great deal of peace of mind.
  5. Driveway alarms – even if it is the pizza delivery guy, it is helpful to know when someone has come onto your property. Ideal for homeowners who live remotely or have a large amount of property, this type of alarm sounds when a car enters the driveway and is approaching the house. Easily check to see if it is the mail man delivering a package or a stranger driving up your driveway. Even better, you’ll know whether your teenager has arrived home before curfew!

In addition to the simple alarms, homeowners can choose from an array of tools and controls that can help to keep their families secure. These include remote monitoring by smartphone or other mobile devices, panic remotes that can be attached to the elderly who live independently, and cameras that can give a homeowner a view of what’s going on at home no matter where they are in the world.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of this information about different alarms for your home. I had no idea that you could actually get an alarm that can help you detect leaking water. It sounds like it would be the perfect alarm system for houses in a very cold region.

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