Home Security For All The Single Ladies

Let’s face it, being a single lady is great. Chinese take-out is what’s for dinner every night. You don’t have to learn to cook. You never have to worry about a boy dirtying up your bathroom. You probably quit shaving your legs a long time ago. It’s Heaven on Earth! However, having a boyfriend comes in handy for two situations: 1. When that pesky wasp builds a nest right above your front door. There’s no way I’m gonna knock that thing down myself and I bet you feel the exact same way as me. And 2. When you hear a scary noise outside your window in the middle of the night. While I can’t really help you out with the wasp issue, I can give you some home security tips. Because you are single, fabulous, and independent. You don’t need a man to secure your house. All you need are these helpful tips.



The “duh” factor.

Lock your doors and windows. Sure, it might be a cool spring night and you want to leave your window open for a bit. That’s fine. Just don’t forget to lock it before you go to sleep! An unlocked door or an open window is just asking for a burglar to come inside your home.



Some doors don’t have that little eye anymore. If you don’t have one, get one! This is super important. It goes without saying, don’t answer the door if you don’t know who is behind it. I know, this is what mothers tell their five-year-olds. But some girls still do it! It’s really dangerous because you never know who could be standing on the other side of the door, unless you get a peephole. Get one or stop answering the door at all. Your choice.

Bigger, badder locks.

Because if you are poor like me, then you probably can’t afford an alarm system. But a bigger lock will do the trick! If you live in an apartment, you probably have a dinky little lock on your front door. You probably look at it and think, “Gee, that makes me feel super safe.” If this is the case, talk to your landlord about installing a bigger deadbolt for your door. Not only is this safer, it might be free!

Wasp spray.

Yeah you heard me! No, this isn’t for that nest outside your front door. Unless you want to spray it down, then more power to you. This can of wasp spray is actually for your bedside table. Wasp spray is designed to reach a longer distance – some can shoot as far as 25 feet. So if an intruder comes breaking through your front door, you can attack him from a distance.


Not only are puppies adorable and cuddly, they can also protect you from all kinds of disasters. Dogs are great at guarding homes. Their bark deters criminals. Their bite scares away intruders. If you already have a cat, you are probably well aware that they won’t do much except run in the other room when someone is on your front porch. Get a guard dog.

About the author: Carly is a dog loving, coffee drinking, book reading kind of girl. She is an avid blogger for Smith Security and believes all girls should know safe tips when living alone.

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