Home security solutions – past, present and future

Man’s home is his castle. Woman’s also but that is not the saying. Your home is the most important place in the world and besides being beautiful and warm, it also needs to be safe and secure. In today’s world that is growing more and more unsafe, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure its security but the good news is that home security solutions are also becoming more and more advanced and efficient.

We will be looking at the home security options that worked in the past, that still work and that will work in the future. We will also be looking at some new solutions that are becoming standard and that you can also employ to ensure the safety of your family.


Doors, locks and bolts

Home security solutions – past, present and future1

The doors are the most obvious entry points for potential home invaders and it goes without saying that properly secured doors are going to play an extremely important role in securing your home. First of all, it is always recommended to install doors that will be as sturdy as your budget allows. Also, all of the doors on your home need to be secured with locks and preferably bolts as well.

There are so many varieties of locks and bolts on the market today that you should have no troubles finding the perfect solution for your home.

While we are at the subject of locks, we should also mention the fact that most security experts also recommend putting locks on windows because they can also be used as entry points.

Alarms, video surveillance and motion sensors

We are now coming into the future with more advanced home security solutions that have not been around for that long but which have proven themselves to be extremely effective in providing added security to any home.

The first of these are alarms that can be set up to take notice of any entrance into the home by anyone who does not live at the premises. They can include all kinds of mechanisms, such as automatic contacting of the police department and such.

Home security solutions – past, present and future2

Video surveillance systems are usually used for securing commercial properties, but no one can stop you if you want to use cameras to secure your home as well. Experts from a security monitoring firm from Brisbane recommend modern video surveillance systems that allow you to monitor your home via a mobile app.

Motion sensors are often included in alarm systems, but there is a kind that does not have to be part of an alarm system and which can still provide a lot of security. We are talking about motion sensor lights that you can install in your yard, on the outside of the home. Whenever someone walks in the range, the lights will go on. This is a very efficient deterrent against potential burglars.

People you know

People who live next door to you and in the neighborhood can also contribute to the security of your home. Relying on your fellow man is probably the oldest security measure and the interesting thing is that it still works. If you are going away, inform your neighbors and ask them to check up on your place every now and then. If there is a neighborhood watch or a similar group, join them. Ask anyone to report any people acting suspiciously around your home.

Closing word

Security systems advance together with the advancements in the home-breaking “systems” and it is important to stay one step ahead of anyone who might want to invade your home. Being smart about your home security is the first and the most important step. With a little help from proper locks and alarm systems, you should be more than alright.

Erin Emanuel