Five Home Security Tips For The 21st Century

Your home, no doubt has a series of locks and bolts on your windows and doors and maybe an alarm system to frighten off any intruders, and perhaps you think that is enough. And it may be, depending on factors such as where you live, what your neighbourhood is like, how many hours per day you are at home. But then perhaps your security isn’t as up to scratch as you would like.

Home Security

The aim of this blog post is not to frighten or create paranoia in readers. If you feel secure in your home then that is great. Security systems and hardware are there to make you feel secure, as much as to perform the function of preventing burglary, vandalism or trespass. This post is simply intended to provide tips and information about home security options available in the 21st century.

1) Invest In The Latest Door Locks

Door locks are constantly being developed and there are now some extremely effective key-operated mortice locks on the market, as well as digital locks. Modern mortice locks are very tough and digital locks require knowledge of a secret pass code to gain entry. For doors on out buildings such as sheds there are some extremely tough combination padlocks on the market, offering peace of mind at very respectable prices.

2) Buy Secure Window Locks

Window locks, like door locks, are tougher than ever. If you have ground floor windows that are vulnerable to potential intruders it might be wise to invest in a window with a cable or metal restrictor, to prevent it being opened wide enough to provide access to your home.

3) Check Out Hi-tech Security Alarm Systems

If you don’t have much faith in your aging burglar alarm it might be time to embrace modern technology and choose a more hi-tech alarm system. Alarms are now available using sensitive motion detectors and some immediately alert the authorities if they are tripped.

4) Consider Emergency Panic Rooms

For those with enough funds and a large enough property it could be worth considering the value of a panic room. A number of wealthy people already have hidden panic rooms, concealed behind book cases, through the back of wardrobes and even beneath floors.

5) Only Use Trustworthy Installers

If you are having security systems or hardware installed make sure you trust the people fitting them, because they could have access to your codes and locks. Do some research to check that they are a respected company with positive customer reviews and testimonials. A reputable firm should have no issues providing you with as much information as you like and they should be able to offer you advice on how to keep your home as secure as possible.

If you want peace of mind in relation to your home security you shouldn’t have too many problems. There are numerous locks, latches, pieces of hardware and hi-tech systems on the market that can keep your home secure and keep you happy.

Erin Emanuel