5 Easy Home Solutions for Keeping Your Carpet Healthy

Your carpets and rugs are great for decorating your floor and adding comfort to your home; however, lying on the floor, these mats are vulnerable. Carpets are made of soft fabrics and need constant care and regular attention from a  vacuum cleaner. There is a gamut of carpet grooming substances available in the market. Of course you can use those ready-made solutions by loosening your pocket every now and then. Alternatively, how about using simple home based substances to do the same for your mats and rugs? Well, there are some non-synthetic cleaners commonly found in your house, which can be used to maintain your carpet in good shape.

Keeping Your Carpet Healthy

Here is more about these substances in detail and how they can serve the purpose.

Basic Ingredients and Their Properties Crucial to Carpet Care

  1. Baking soda: Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a natural deodorizing agent and contains cleaning properties as it is moderately alkaline in nature. Its alkaline character helps in dissolving and washing out dirt and oily substance.
  2. Vinegar: It is an acidic substance, which owns characteristic properties to wipe off bacterial accumulation and germs. It is used as a natural cleaning agent and serves best in distilled form.
  3. Alcohol/spirit base: An alcohol base acts as a strong disinfectant and is highly solvent in character.
  4. Lemon: Lemon juice contains a noticeably refreshing fragrance, which stays for a considerably long time. It also is known as a natural anti-bacterial agent.
  5. Borax: It acts as a cleaning and bleaching element due to its chemical properties.

5 Easy to Prepare at Home Remedies

  1. Cleaning solution: You can use half a portion of vinegar and add an equal amount of water to it. Mix it well, sprinkle it on your carpet and leave for a while. This solution is ideal for cleaning your carpet at home.
  2. Sanitizer: To sanitize your carpet against bacterial substances, use a small portion of mild alcohol, along with a subtly larger portion of vinegar. The alcohol’s non toxic property and the acidic base of vinegar helps clean off the germs from the fabric. 
  3. Natural Deodorant: Baking soda, as a key ingredient, can deodorize and clean up your carpet in any form. Use it raw and dry, as a powder or as a solution with water, it will leave the fabric stainless and smelling as good as a new one.
  4. Bleaching solution: Borax, as a chemically formed bleaching agent, can be used as a paste when mixed with some water. It has a bleaching and disinfecting effect on the surface by dissolving water molecules as a reaction. The bleaching process by this chemical will not change your carpet color tone, but remove the yellowing from the surface.
  5. Refresher: Using lemon juice with a small amount of water can freshen up your carpet fabric. You can use a spray can to evenly apply the solution on every edge and corner of the carpet and even spray a bit underneath for a stronger effect.

These home based remedies are not only inexpensive to use, but are environmentally friendly too. Unlike market products, these solutions are less synthetic and, hence, you can be rest assured that these shall not provoke any allergic reaction in all probability.

Home based solutions are great alternatives for an easy, anytime and effort less carpet grooming. Nevertheless, professional cleaning has its own effect and additional quality. professional carpet cleaning services use eco-friendly methods to clean and revamp your carpets and mats with promising results on a cost effective module.

So, both ways, your carpet cleaning can be less tedious and you can now keep as many rugs and mats around the house without much worrying.

Erin Emanuel