Five Home Updates You Don’t Want To Go Cheap With

Updating your home shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune, but there’s something to be said for not cutting corners. Even if you’re looking to save as much as possible on your remodeling project, there are five updates you definitely don’t want to go cheap with.

5 Home Updates You Don't Want To Go Cheap With



Updating your home’s siding can be a huge improvement, but the trick here is to get the right kind. While vinyl can crack and split and aluminum doesn’t age well, fiber cement siding holds up and maintains its appearance far better for far longer. Be sure to do your research and find out what material would be best for your home. It’s important to consider the weather in your area and the look of your home.

A Finished Basement

A finished basement can recoup between half and all of the money that was put into it, as long as it’s done right. Basements that leak, have poor ventilation, or require mold remediation will need a professional’s help. If you plan to install flooring, drywall, or any permanent fixtures, make sure they match the rest of the home in terms of quality. Features like an extra small kitchen and crown molding can give your basement more of a modern look and practical use.

A New Deck

With the outdoor living trend still in full swing, it’s easy to see how adding a deck could be a wise investment. That said, because decks are outdoor spaces and exposed to the elements, it’s important for them to be properly installed. Getting poor quality materials will cause a deck to rot quicker and become more susceptible to the harsh elements of weather. A little extra money spent on the right materials and knowledgeable labor now can mean savings in the long run.

An Updated Kitchen

While a new kitchen might seem to be a great investment, it comes with a caveat. Don’t worry about installing high-end fixtures in a starter-sized home. These homes tend to be inexpensive, and, should you eventually sell your home, installing expensive upgrades can end up pricing them right out of the reach of your potential market. Otherwise, feel free to splurge on a new kitchen and energy-efficient appliances and you can end up recovering about 80% of your costs.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Poor weatherproofing can turn any house into a money sink. The more heat and cold air that is allowed to escape, the higher power bills climb as people struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes. Shelling out for energy-efficient windows is worth it in the long run. They’ll help keep you more comfortable and save you money at the same time.

While DIY fixes are often the order of the day for budget-conscious homeowners, sometimes a splurge is necessary. These items won’t just update a home, they make a smart investment. Whether you want to sell your home or have less repairs and maintenance to worry about around the home, these updates done right will be a great benefit. Informational credit to Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd.

Erin Emanuel