Less Common Home Updates That Should Be Given More Attention

Home repair isn’t just about fixing a problem when it occurs, it’s about the preventative maintenance. Sometimes, homeowners unknowingly ignore some of the most important areas in the home that need attention. Below, find six less common home updates that definitely deserve your attention.

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Replace Your Water Heater

Waiting too long on this update can result in failure, leaks and water damage. A homeowner with plumbing knowledge and physical strength can purchase and replace their own water heater. Be aware that a new heater, with or without professional installation, can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. When shopping for a replacement, you can choose from tankless and tank-style options as well as gas or electric. Your current set-up and existing space may dictate what size and type to buy.

Update Doors, Fittings And Fixtures

Consider updating doors, door knobs, light fixtures and household faucets throughout the house to give your home a subtle facelift. These projects can be undertaken with minimal effort and expense compared to larger overhauls. Whether you are going for a more modern look or a rustic feel, the fittings and fixtures can really add a different ambiance to your home at minimal costs.

New Ceiling Fans

Adding a new ceiling fan to a room can help bring a little something extra to the space. In addition to improving the way a room looks, updating to a more powerful or efficient model can improve your quality of life on those warm summer nights. Larger ceiling fans can make a large room like the family room feel bigger. A fan that is too small can actually draw unwanted attention the room.

Repair Or Replace Windows

Over time, window seals can become damaged by moisture and frames can begin to rot. Sometimes, you just want a better looking or easier to operate system. Assess your needs carefully when deciding whether to repair or replace home windows. The difference in cost could be thousands of dollars. Consult online guides to determine what is best for you.

Update Your Climate System

Air conditioning and heating can translate into big annual energy costs. Upgrading to a more efficient model will carry a hefty upfront price tag, but can go a long way to saving money over time. It will also help you enjoy your home more and even increase resale value. You should also regularly replace filters to keep it in good condition for years to come.


Many times, homeowners simply don’t think about what needs to be replaced or repaired with the roof. If you have had problems in the past or if your roof is old, consider a roofing update that is durable and requires little maintenance. Getting the roof professionally installed will help prevent costly problems and repairs later down the road.

In short, performing the somewhat less common updates mentioned above can help you and your family get the most out of your home. These updates are sure to keep your home looking great and being functional for years to come. Informational credit to Metal Roof Outlet Inc.

Erin Emanuel