Best Home Upgrade Tips

Racking your brains to make your home a better place? Here are some of the easiest home improvement tips:

1. Add some instant magic to your garden by erecting a beautiful arbor. Arbors conjure a sense of the mystical and poetic, and work wonderfully at the end of a garden path. You’ll need a screwdriver, cordless drill, tape measure and hammer. Use a pre-cut, easyto-assemble kit and for a small investment, you garden is elevated from drab to exquisite.

Image Credit: boboroshi

Image Credit: boboroshi

2. Turn your garage into a vast self-storage facility, which means you can simultaneously de-clutter your actual living space, restoring its clean lines and revealing hitherto cluttered surfaces. Just arm yourself with screws, nails, a drill, hammer and spirit-level and you’re ready. Shelves, hangers and hooks can all go up and – in half a day and with minimal financial outlay – your space is transformed. And if you’re really de-cluttering in earnest, use a removal company London to take away anything you know you don’t want to store in the garage but want to get rid of once and for all.

3. It’s time to change your bathroom, something you can do with aplomb by putting niches in the wall and shower area. Make sure you choose carefully, avoiding any areas with electrics or plumbing running through them. In no time, you’ll have perfect spots for towels, cosmetics, bath products or decorative items.

4. Nothing revives a home quite like setting aside a weekend to banish it of stains. Let’s just start with an example or two. Shoe polish is a particularly nasty culprit. First, see if scraping can remove any of it. Next, dab the area with white spirit or methylated spirit. Finally, use a carpet or upholstery shampoo. Repeat the second and third step if necessary. And what about the especially nasty stains that can beset bathroom carpets if one too many guests don’t aim properly. Yes, we’re talking about urine. First, mix biological detergent with warm water and apply it with a sponge, not overly wet. Then dab the area cold water combined with a splash of disinfectant. Do the same again, but using warm water and finally give the area a good shampooing.

5. Freshening up painted walls is the ideal finishing touch. First, vacuum the walls to get rid of dust. If you don’t, you’ll end up smearing the dust around when you start the washing process. Then concoct a mix of warm water with just a little detergent. Apply it with a sponge or cloth that isn’t saturated and dry the wall as you go, using paper towels. If some marks refuse to budge, alter the solution. Ditch the detergent and add sugar soap or soda crystals instead. These solutions come with a greater risk of changing the color or shade of any surface to which they’re applied, so check first by applying in an inconspicuous area – for example, choose an area that will eventually be concealed by a sofa. If you’re still left with the sense of a job unfinished, contact a removals company London and do one last, unsentimental de-clutter.

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