4 House Repairs all Women Should Know How to Do

It’s long been believed that household repairs were solely the domain of men, but in reality, there’s no reason why women can’t do them, too. This is especially important with more and more women opting to live by themselves and holding off on marriage and long-term relationships. Furthermore, not all men possess the knowledge or even the interest to do this type of work. Being able to perform household repairs yourself saves you money, ensures the job is done right and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Here are four household repairs all women should know how to do.

Handywoman - 4 House Repairs all Women Should Know How to Do


If anything will go wrong in your home, it’s most likely going to be the plumbing first. These issues can be expensive to have fixed by a plumber, so doing it yourself may be the best option. You can learn how todo basic, or even complex, plumbing work by visiting your local library to find do-it-yourself books. Some community colleges even offer these courses for a small fee.

Minor Mechanical Repairs and Power Tools

Becoming skilled in repairing mechanical devices can also be immensely valuable, but you’re going to need tools to get started. It’s recommended that you choose a dependable brand such as quality made Festool tools that gives you options for simple power tools. If necessary, you can also find Festool parts that are simpler and can make various aspects of mechanical work easier. Household mechanical objects that often need repair or maintenance include lawn mower engines, air conditioners, washers, dryers and garbage disposals. These are simple objects that you can fix if you can learn how to use basic power tools, and learn how to use them safely.

Basic Electrical

Being able to do basic electrical work doesn’t just save you money on electricians. It can also keep your home safe. Loose or broken outlets are both an inconvenience and a fire hazard. So are faulty or damaged wiring and burned-out breakers and fuses. Fortunately, most of these repairs are simple enough to learn using a reliable DIY guide. Just remember to turn off your home’s main breaker before starting on any electrical work.

Basic Carpentry

You may not need the skills necessary to build you own house, but a little basic carpentry knowledge will go a long way. If you need a shelf, you can build one. If the cabinets need replaced, you can do that, too. If you want a work bench to facilitate your handy woman activities, then that’s a great place to start. Some basic carpentry knowledge also enables you to do repairs on things like decks, balconies, chairs, tables and anything else made from wood. Furthermore, this is a highly marketable skill that can help you make some extra money.

If you are lost when it comes to home repair, you can quickly become a home improvement sensation if you put in the time to do your homework and get the right equipment. You can turn to the internet, books, or people you know to get advice and simple “how-to” demonstrations that will help you build your skills. Most importantly, make sure you are confident in what you are doing before you start a project, to guarantee that you stay safe.

Erin Emanuel