How Can You Make Your Garden Party A Success?

Your garden is a very important area of your home and there is certainly a lot that can be done in this space. Many people spend a considerable amount of time on refining all aspects of their garden with the intention of creating an area that can be both admired and enjoyed by themselves and all those who use it. An attractive and well-maintained garden is the perfect place to hold a gathering when the weather is warm, whether it is for a special occasion or just to celebrate good company in pleasant surroundings. These are some ideas to keep in mind in order to make sure your garden party is enjoyed by all who attend.

CFC Garden Party 2012Areas of shade
When it comes to a gathering of this type it is essential that you have a few areas outside that are covered by shade so you do not have to worry about your guests getting sunburn. It is of course possible for people to go inside if it is too warm but having everyone outside together is certainly in the spirit of a garden party. It is also useful to have a feature such as a gazebo so you can carry on the party without a problem if there happens to be some light rain later on.

Choosing the food and drinks
Inviting friends and other family members around to share a few drinks in the garden is very simple and this could be the perfect option for you but there is also the opportunity to use your imagination. Garden parties are ideal for bringing in a set theme and this can be shown in the outfits that you want people to wear or simply from the food and refreshments that you serve. Barbecue food is always likely to be popular or if you want to take a slightly more creative option you can have a cocktail fountain and assorted appetisers and dishes. Make sure the fridge inside is well-stocked with the traditional alcoholic and soft drinks so everyone is satisfied.

Set the mood with music
Music should be a part of any garden party and it can help to create a very welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. If your gathering is particularly extravagant and you have the space then you may even consider booking a DJ, or a singer or band to perform. There really is a lot of possibility with the music you choose so make sure you set your speakers up outside in the open air.

Jason Adams takes any opportunity to host a garden party or to have friends over during the summer, and he uses the facilities from Q Lawns to keep the area in top condition.

Erin Emanuel