How make your kitchen bigger WITHOUT extending

The kitchen is one of the key areas of anyone’s house. Where we prepare food, where many of us eat it and where many of us share different parts of our day with our loved ones. There’s one thing that most people would agree on and that is kitchen size. Nearly all of us would love that little bit of extra space or even just a sense of extra space to enable us to enjoy our kitchen even more.

An extension is the obvious way to do this but it may not be practical for for many reasons such as financial, planning or there may simply not be anywhere to extend into. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving your kitchen that sense of extra space. Follow some of our tips below and you’ll be surprised at how you can revolutionize the sense of space in this special area of your home.


Make the most of natural light

Tips for Getting the Most Natural Light In Your HomeIt’s a fact that if your kitchen is largely artificially lit, it will seem smaller than if it was naturally lit. If you currently only have small windows in your kitchen, then consider installing larger ones, or even better, extra ones. Letting more natural sunlight into your kitchen will immediately make it seem more light, airy and spacious.

Cut the clutter

remodeling a kitchenHave you noticed that when you visit a show-home on a new housing development, many of the rooms are designed in a stylish minimalist way? This isn’t because that’s the particular look they want, it’s because it is a very clever way of making the most of a room’s size. The fact is, clutter can make even the most spacious of rooms feel claustrophobic, so be ruthless and clear as much of your clutter away as possible. You’ll immediately see the difference in the sense of space that this gives you.

Consider shelving rather than cabinets

There seems to be an unwritten law when it comes to kitchen design and that is you have to have kitchen cabinets. But why is that? Why ‘box off’ all that space behind a cupboard door? Think about open shelving instead. You can still store just as much as you can in a cupboard, but your kitchen will feel far larger than it actually is.

Light, bright stone tiled floors

The flooring you choose for your kitchen is fundamental in maximising the sense of space. Dark, wood flooring will only add to a sense of claustrophobia, whereas a nice, light stone tiled floor will really make the most of every inch of natural light. Choose subtle shades of porcelain or ceramic tiles for a stylish look that will also enhance your room’s sense of size.

Be careful about contrasts

Following on from installing a light ceramic  or porcelain tiled floor, don’t be tempted to use a strong, bold colour on the walls. The fact is, the bigger the contrast between your flooring and walls, the smaller your kitchen will feel. For that reason, go for a low contrast option, so that your tiled floor effortlessly blends into your wall space. If you go for a subtly contrasting tile on the walls as well that’s even better, because this will ensure that your kitchen feels even more spacious and airy.

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Erin Emanuel