How to Add Colour to Your Home

Feel like your interior decor is missing something? Although modern interior design trends favour neutral colour schemes because they offer a safe and timeless option, this colour palette can often leave you in need of an injection of bright hues. To brighten up the look of your interiors, here are our tips for adding colour to your home.


Small Accessories

Small furnishings such as home accessories, wall hangings, lamps, and light shades can all be used to introduce different colours and prints into rooms. Using small accessories works particularly well if you are looking to add vivid shades without drowning out the other colours in the room.

Focus on the Floor

Add a pop of colour by focusing on your floor and brightening up a room with a new rug. Used as a centrepiece or placed under a settee or dining table as an accent colour, a new rug will also add depth and warmth to a room. Brightly coloured rugs will work well with neutral colour schemes and classic interiors, while patterned rugs offer a more contemporary look. With hundreds of different coloured rugs for sale these days, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Statement Furniture

Let your furniture do the talking when it comes to colour, whether it’s a new piece or simply an existing couch or chair that you’ve had reupholstered. Colourful furniture can be a real statement piece and works particularly well in bright colours or rich jewel tones like emerald and ruby. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even freshen up your dining room decor by adding some coloured dining chairs.

Cushions, Blankets, and Bedding

Looking for a non-committal way to add colour to your home? Bedding, blankets, and cushions are perfect for breathing some fresh life into a room. You can play around with different hues and textures, layering them to create the desired effect. By changing the cushions in your living room and investing in some new bedding and blankets in your bedroom, you can experiment with a variety of patterns and colours without much financial commitment.

Statement Ceilings

Statement walls have been a big hit for the past few years but statement ceilings are now becoming an increasingly popular interior design choice. If you want to add a splash of colour to a room in a more subtle and unusual way, then a statement ceiling is the way to go. You can liven up the look of your ceiling with a fresh coat of paint, or use a bold wallpaper for an even more vibrant look.

Use Flowers and Plants

Bringing the outdoors inside remains a popular interior design trend and it works well to add vibrant hues to any room. Lush green plants like succulents and cactuses liven up a space while being easy to care for, and will look stunning in some colourful plant pots. For an even brighter addition, you can add some colourful blooms or cut flowers to your house.

Paint Your Staircase

Staircases are often overlooked when it comes to interiors but they can make for a way to add some colour to your hallway, especially if you have a wooden staircase that can be easily painted. There are countless ways that you can transform your stairs from dull and boring into a colourful work of art. For a stylish alternative to white stairs, opt for a pastel shade to brighten up your hallways without your staircase looking too loud or overbearing.

Erin Emanuel