Perfect Home updates: How to avoid those Amateur DIY pitfalls?

While many DIY’ers always crave to update their dwellings — it’s not possible for those who can’t even distinguish a hammer from a table saw. And for them, the usual option is to hire professional services to accomplish those home renovation jobs which involves lots of clutter and of course a bigger cost.

I personally can attest for the immense benefits one can avail if one opts for those home-update DIYs. However, before going for any home DIY overhauls one needs to be wary about certain factors to avoid committing any DIY blunder.

This article stresses upon all those mistakes which many DIY’ers usually commit and also on how to avoid these:

Don’t underestimate the complexity of your project:

Self-introspection is the key here. Would you be able to do this? Should be is the 1st question which must pop up in your mind before you pick your drill and start making holes all around mohouse. And the reply you get will showcase the status of your preparedness. The project requires an overall scrutiny to check whether it integrates all your skill sets or the lack of it as well as all the possibilities which it might entail. There should be proper alignment between your skills and your project.

Impractical Budget:

Avoid any impractical budget. A properly planned budget will make sure that all your potential unknown requirements are timely covered prior to the beginning of your work and an additional 15 to 20 % surplus will make sure that the project is completed on scheduled time to avoid any scramble in case things get complicated in the end, than what had you planned initially.

The creeping Scope:

Now it might happen many a times with numerous DIY projects. Most of the first-time DIY’ers might consider … while they’re in there… that they can do it… and … the next thing they realize, their project is twice too big and both the project budget as well as its schedule have become incompatible and the end result … their project gets halted.

They need to control their urge to turn their kitchen remodeling into a complete house remodeling. Do save your further renovation work for next time.

Skills as well as Tools deficiency:

Usually most homeowners do not possess each and every specialized tool to perform their task safely, effectively and quickly. And if you think you can borrow or rent tools, you might still possess a steep learning curve. You still have to learn a lot about how to use those tools as there isn’t any alternative for experience.

Proper selection of materials:

Choosing 3D wall panels or mosaic tile sheets/strips or picking the perfect flooring material is of course the fun parts of any home project. The key here is to achieve the perfect composition of your chosen materials with the value as well as feel of your home. You need to maintain the balance between things which you are opting for with rest of your home.

Planned Timeline:

Most of the home projects usually take longer to finish than you actually thought initially. And you might plan your home projects along with your ‘regular job’ or on weekends — this however, adds to your timeline. Seriously! After those exhausting 8 to 9 hours day job, would you really prefer to gruel yourself for another 3 to 4 hours? Well, this will only grind down your zeal and slow down your enthusiasm. So, plan your timeline really well!

Inappropriate Task Sequences:

Now it has happened numerous times that some DIY projects ran out of steam as some tasks were started way before finishing other prior tasks. For e.g. carpet installation before your dry walling job. Organize your task sequences properly and a lot of research work would surely pay off here.

Let’s get it now urge:

You need to control this very urge which is sometimes difficult for the beginners. Usually after watching a television show you just jump in and in turn invite trouble. Just take a step back, have a proper glance of your whole room, make proper assessments and then plan your actions.

Avoid ill-timed change of mind:

Don’t let your project experience trigger another especially when it’s half way through or a few months later when it gets finished. Appropriate research and planning in advance would keep your project right on track. Just don’t deviate from it.

And for all the brand new homeowners, just don’t jump into any big project bandwagon right away. Do spend some time in your home and observes how it breathes. Just feel its space as well as the flow of seasons. And post your bonding with your new home, now it’s high time to color it more, in your own style.

We sincerely hope that the article will surely bring into light on some of the most common mistakes committed by many amateur DIY’ers and will immensely assist you in avoiding these, which in turn will make you fall in love with your home, over and over again.

Erin Emanuel