How To Build A Deck

Decks are always a great addition to the beauty of your home. It is a great space in your home to relax and entertain yourself, and it also adds great value to your home. It is a perfect outdoor space for entertaining guests and family, and you can also host a dinner with your family on it.

Enhance the existing quality of your house by adding a deck to it. Decks are available in different designs.  In comparison to the other renovations on the house, a deck is relatively very low cost.

deck furniture decor

This is a great advantage for those who are on a strict budget, but also want to add a space to their house. The price of a deck depends upon its size. The higher the price, the higher the quality and durability of the materials of the deck.

Always try to choose a deck depending on the contours of your land. Before proceeding always make yourself clear about the permits and regulations of the local authorities.

Some Steps For You To Follow

Here are some steps which will give you some idea about how to build a deck.

  • Tools and materials: The tools required are a post-hole digger, level, and an auger. And the materials required are a string, composite form, and composite decking.
  • Planning the dimensions: Measure the dimensions of the yard first. After measuring, use a string to assist placement of deck to its center by tying to the wood stakes. Now continue to adjust the measures of the strings until it forms a square shape which represents the dimensions of the deck.
  • Marking the ground: Use less-colored flags and a bright spray to mark the four corners of the decks and its midpoints. The markings will indicate the placement of eight support posts of the deck. They are called caissons.
  • Breaking the Ground: Remove the strings and stakes from the ground temporarily. After that bore the ground up to a depth of 15 inches at the locations previously marked with the help of a power auger. Use a post hole digger to take away the remaining mud.
  • Forming the Concrete: If the yard in which you are planning to make your deck is sloping away from your house, you need to put an extra height on the lower holes to reach the level of the string. To do this, take a cardboard and cut it to the length of the caisson tube and rest it over the lower holes. These segments will serve as concrete forms.
  • Pouring Concrete: Mix a batch of concrete and pour it into the holes and cut off the excess with the help of a wooden stake. Now fix a J-bolt into each caisson before the concrete cures properly within 48 hours. This process will help to tie down the deck.
  • Starting the Deck Frame: Start to frame your deck by forming the perimeter and a beam at the center. Now form a perimeter board of double-thickness by cutting some boards to length and screwing the redwood and treated lumber together. Try to use a lumber which is pressure treated, as the beam at the center cannot be seen.  Provide a lateral support to the boards by nailing it with steel and make them even with the help of electric planer.
  • Placing the main boards: Make sure that you have the redwood side on display as it looks more attractive. You need to join the perimeters and the anchor plates together. The anchors will be a permanent shackle for the deck. It will help to keep the deck tied down.
  • Finishing The Deck Frame: Once the perimeter is completely done, you need to finish off the deck frame. Install the treated joists at certain intervals and nail them to the frame for finishing.
  • Installing Deck Material: Install the deck elements once you are done with the joists. Square up the composite’s first piece of the deck and attach it to the joists that are lying under them. Make sure that you use decking screws for the process. Each plank must have some gap when you screw them. Rows should be attached to add a visual appeal to the structure.
  • Completing The Deck: Fasten up the wood elements properly to the caissons and ensure that they stay that way permanently.

Don’t you agree that the whole procedure of building the deck is pretty simple and easy? Make sure that you follow all the step to ensure an efficient building of your deck.

Erin Emanuel