Make the Most of Your Small Backyard with Five Teeny Changes

With the way houses are built today, it can be difficult finding a home with any space in the back. While you might lament over the lack of backyard space, you can still use a few tricks to make the most of the space, and turn it into a usable or enjoyable area of your property. Thankfully, with some quality time and care, you can make your small backyard everything you want it to be.

revamp patio furniture


Revamp Patio Furniture

Just changing up your existing furniture outside can actually make monumental changes to your backyard’s feel and look. If you want to make smaller changes, just take the time to completely wash down the furniture. If you feel like making a big splash, repaint or refurnish them. All it takes is sanding the furniture down and adding the paint or stain to your liking. While you might feel as though your backyard is too small for patio furniture, adding one or two chairs and a small table will allow you to make the most of the space by kicking back and enjoying your backyard. If you have the proper furnishings, you’ll spend more time in the backyard.

patio furniture

Break Things Up

By sectioning the area and breaking up the monotony of things, you can make any small area look a lot bigger than it is. Try adding some grass to your backyard and then creating a brick or stone walkway. By doing the work yourself, you have the ability to develop your own designs and tailor the landscaping to your preferences and style. The possibilities are endless with this type of project. Whether you add grass, concrete, brick, hedges, or woodchips, you can arrange the space to your liking, and really make the most of your limited space. The key here is variety, yet simplicity—don’t go overboard. If you try to implement a brick patio, with grass in one corner, and woodchips in another, and shrubs around all the sides, you’ll find your backyard getting smaller and smaller. Choose two to three different materials and elements that will break up the yard, and leave it at that.

Setup the Water Works

Incorporating a water fountain, fish pond, or birdbath is a great addition to any backyard regardless of size. For smaller yards, setting one up in a corner surrounded by flora and mulch can act as a great focal point for the entire backyard, giving guests a great place to check out when they come to visit. With extremely small backyards, creating a focal point is the best way to work with a tiny space. A water fixture will not only add interest to the yard, but the sound of running water will make the backyard a tranquil place to be.

water fountains in yards


Refresh the Mulch or Grass

You might not realize it, but the quality of your grass will make a huge impact on the look of your backyard. Grass can sometimes need refreshers, even if it just means spreading out seeds in the places you see spots. According to the grass experts at Sod Atlanta, the best time to lay new sod is typically in the spring and autumn when it is cooler and you have a better chance of getting moisture. If you need to completely replace your sod, avoid doing it in the hot summer months. Mulch can also completely transform the landscape around your grass or walkway, especially if you don’t have much to work with. Creating a pattern with mulch will help you to break up the space, and give the yard more variety. Keeping your backyard manicured and taken care of not only makes it more pleasing to the eye, but easier to maintain going forward.

refresh mulch

Frame Your Flowers

Creating colorful or antique frames for your flower pots and arrangements is a fantastic way to not only display more colorful flora in your backyard, but to save space while doing it. You can coordinate with your home style, or incorporate your personality into these arrangements by using fun colors, vintage designs, or upcycling items into creative flower beds or pots. If you are cramped for space around the yard, you can hang your flower boxes and pots from the back porch, attach them to a fence, or use a trellis against the wall to show off your flowers. This is an easy area where you can get creative and create some interest in the way you present your flowers and plants.

flower pot garden

By using creativity and adding special features to your smaller yard, the focus will soon be on the beauty of the backyard, rather than the lack of space. Removing anything that is eating up unnecessary space like trash piles or cumbersome planters will give you more room to utilize what limited space you have. Get creative with your landscape design, your garden storage, and give any drab areas a little pick-me-up. The more work you put into your backyard, the more you’ll get out of it—even if you are lacking in space!

Erin Emanuel