How to Choose Between Timber Blinds, PVC Blinds and Other Types of Blinds

Window blinds whether PVC Blinds, Timber or Faux wood ones are one of the best ways to deck up and protect your windows. Hence, if you are contemplating on a home remodeling or window treatment endeavor it is essential that you install the right type of blinds that would suit the purpose of the rooms you are targeting. Each type of blind comes with its own share of benefits and beauty. So picking out the right blind will ensure the right amount of insulation, privacy, light control as well security blending well with the décor of your room to make them a worth investment.

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Take into account the Space:

Every area of your home has its own needs. For instance, bedrooms require greater privacy and a certain amount of shading. Blackout blinds are the most suitable ones for such rooms since they act as barrier to not only light but to sound to external noise to a great extent as well. If you are considering putting up blinds for your kitchen the best choice will be PVC blinds which are best suited for spaces which are high in humidity. PVC blinds require less maintenance and any accumulated grease or dirt can be wiped clean with ease. This does away with frequent replacements while retaining the original appeal to the lees. Fauxwood shutters and Roller blinds coated with fabric are also good choices for kitchens and bathrooms.

Shape and Size of window:

Timber blinds can be best customized in tune with the shape and size of your windows. There is a whole array of them in the market which is available in made-to-measure sizes to fit the style and décor of the window you are installing them in. Timber also comes accoutered with good insulation properties thus keeping your room warm during winters and cool during the hot summer season. You will need to shell out much more in order to invest in timber blinds compared to that of vinyl or aluminum blinds. Timber or wood blinds also require greater maintenance as they tend to fade or main when coming in contact with moisture. However, the classy look which timber blinds lend your room with remains unparalleled and this is one reason which makes them a coveted piece of furnishing for living rooms.


Blinds need to be chosen in tune with the backdrop décor and color. Compliment the blinds with the moldings of the door or the color of the walls. If you have wooden furniture in a room pick out timber blinds matching its shade. Timber and faux wood or PVC blinds are available in myriad colors. However, too much mixing of colors in different rooms may hinder with the uniformity of the house and tend to make the décor look tacky. Pick out one color and try choosing blinds for different rooms that harmonize well with that shade.

Practical Use:

Finally, if you require various levels of shading consider putting up roller blinds. They are easy to maintain and are a practical option for business spaces and offices. You can even spruce them up with myriad ostentatious scallops, braids, eyelets and poles in sync with your interior décor scheme.

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Erin Emanuel