How to choose the right and best wallpaper for your bedroom?

A bedroom is a place where one hunts for peace. People crave to reach their bedroom to relieve their stress of the whole day. In such circumstances, selecting an appropriate wallpaper becomes a tedious task due to the availability of endless options in the market. While you are confused, you can also check to understand the best design in the market.


Before understanding what kind of wallpapers you should choose, it is essential to understand what are the precautions you should take before buying any wallpapers:

Calculate the area of your bedroom wall where you plan to use wallpapers

The most ideal way to do this is by measuring the wall starting from the ceiling and reaching the floor, and later covering one corner to the other. When you multiply both the digits, you will get the measure of one wall. Similarly, measure all the walls of your bedroom. Finally, sum them up to get the general area.

What to do if you wish to cover the whole ceiling?

The best and most straightforward way to do this is by multiplying the length with the width of the floor. This is how you will get the square footage.

Take the number 25 as an ideal one and later divide it with every total

Try to get the average correct square footage into a standard single wallpaper roll.

 Always deducted the wall and door area are from the half of the wallpaper roll.

The number that you achieve through this process is the actual single number of wallpapers are needed. If the answer is not in the whole number, try to round it off to the nearest whole number. If the wallpaper you choose comes through the double roll, do not miss to divide it into half.

The type of room and one’s preference decides what kind of wallpaper is most suitable for that room.

Selection of the right style of wallpaper that matches your requirement

Remember your childhood when you always bordered your paintings to add that professional look. Similarly, you can select several varieties of borders based on varied styles, motifs, wildlife pictures, greenery or floral designs, sports scenes, or something traditional to decorate the borders of the selected wallpaper. If you like to live a formal life, choosing large-scale patterns with pastel shades is ideal. Choosing polka dot wallpaper is suitable for those who are fun-loving and lively. You should prefer bright colors in such selections.

Selecting the suitable wallpaper and blending it rightly with the perfect kind of other wallpaper

A simple room in fashion is less exciting and boring for most of us, but adding several patterns together may make it clumsy. Selecting a wall for blending florals or stripes, or plaids is a task of an expert. It is ideal to choose the pattern of similar colors together. You can also add wall covering books for better coordination.

Focussing on positive stripes

Remember, there are several vertical patterns that, when mixed with the stripes, make the room appear taller than the actual one. If bright florals support the vertical pattern, the newly established pattern makes the ceiling higher than the actual one. If you prefer a horizontal pattern, it makes the room appear more comprehensive than the actual size. It denotes repose and quietness, and suddenly, your narrow bedroom starts looking more comprehensive than before.

Selection of right scales

Commonly, there are two types of scales with two different qualities. If you choose a large scale, it makes the room more intimate, whereas the selection of a small-scale pattern brings spaciousness. Suppose your bedroom has less furniture, then go with a brightly colored large-scale motif. Remember to add a dark background to it. It will make it look more glorious than ever. Trellis designs function perfectly when you want your bedroom flat wall to look deep. Selecting a massive dimensional pattern is what you should not miss here!

Wrapping up

Remember it is your bedroom and you should choose what gives you peace. You are going to spend your stress-free moment here. You will make all the necessary decisions here, and above all, you will spend maximum time with your beloved here, so choose it wisely!

Erin Emanuel