How to Clean Your Apartment like a Pro

Everyone likes a nice, cozy, clean house for a good reason. Did you know that a clean house is actually a necessity both for your physical and mental health?

According to a new study from the Indiana University, there’s a big correlation between clean houses and healthy people. Let’s elaborate on it…


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Now check this out: People who regularly clean their homes are more physically active than the ones who don’t. And this is not because they exercise more or anything – their cleaning habits seem to be the only thing that affected their physical ability.

Therefore, if you want to improve your health and have a presentable home at all times, you need to start cleaning more regularly.

We realize that some people have tight schedules. Going to work, gym and grocery shopping every day can really prevent you from keeping your apartment tidy. If you’re stuck in this situation, it would be wise to hire a cleaning company such as Helpling Singapore to freshen things up every week or so.

Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment like a Pro

·             The First Stop: Scrub the Bathroom

You should start by removing everything from the tub and shower and spray them with a cleaning solution so they can soak. You should do the same with the toilet bowl and bathroom sink. While the cleaning solution is working its magic, you have enough time to dust the corners and clean the ceiling.

Your regular microfiber mop should work well on the ceiling and the walls. And while you’re at it, clean some light fixtures and fans blades. By the time you’re finished with the walls, use a plastic broom to scrub the tub and the shower, of course, use the toilet brush to finish up the toilet bowl.

·             The Next Stop: Dusting the Rooms

As you’re making your way to the living room, go into every room in your house and pick up any dirty clothes and dishes. Once you’ve thrown the clothes in the hamper and the dishes in the dishwasher, you should prepare yourself for dusting the furniture. Start by removing small objects from the shelves and polishing the wooden surfaces with whatever oil you prefer.

If you have fabric shades on your lamps, you need to take them off and vacuum them. After that, take the lamp, wipe it off and dust underneath it. You should have another rag sprayed with Windex by your side. This will help you dust smaller things items and ensure they don’t get smeared with the oil.

·             The Finish Line: Mopping the Floors

Finally, you’re now ready to wipe the floors. Vacuum everything carefully and make sure to use the “corner-extension tool” to get all of those hard-to-reach edges and corners in your house. Once you’re done with that, you should move on to the rugs and carpets.

If you have linoleum floors in your home, you should use a roller-sponge mop. But even if you have linoleum, you don’t have to use this particular mop if the floors aren’t all that dirty – an ordinary one will do the job. Just make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning a linoleum floor before you start.

The Bottom Line

You’ve probably noticed that we didn’t even mention things like dishwashing and laundry. There’s actually a good reason behind it. You see, these chores are better left for a specific day, because they can tire you and distract you from your main mission – making your home presentable.

Erin Emanuel