3 Major Reasons to Have Your Furnace Cleaned Before Winter

As the temperatures start to drop, you start dreaming about a winter wonderland. Cold winter months mean hot chocolate and football. It also means you will rely on your home’s furnace to keep your home just the right temperature. You do not want to wake up one morning to find your heater has stopped working. Here are three major reasons to have your furnace serviced before the winter months arrive.

furnace cleaning

Keeping Your Home at Right Temperature

One of the things a technician will check during a regular maintenance visit is the calibration on your furnace’s thermostat. If the thermostat is not calibrated correctly, you can have the temperature set for 70 degrees but it actually never gets warmer than 68 degrees. Or it might get warmer than you want it to be. Having a correctly calibrated thermostat is essential for keeping your family warm and your energy bills under control. This is a great time to consider getting a programmable thermostat installed to keep your home at the right temperature whether you are at home or not.

Keeping Your Energy Bill Under Control

It might seem odd that you need regular maintenance to keep your energy bill under control. However, your technician will clean out your furnace of any dirt and debris that has built up since you last maintenance call. No matter how clean your home is, there is always a little dust and dirt that gets into your furnace. According to AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd., the dust and debris will cause your furnace’s engine to work harder and possibly hotter. The harder your engine runs means the higher your energy bills. Also, build up in the vents will affect the amount of warmed air that makes it into your causing your furnace to run longer than necessary.

Small Repairs Now or Major Repairs Later

Your furnace was built to last 10 to 15 years, but it is made up of many moving parts. Some of these parts will wear out during the life of the furnace necessitating their replacement. These are generally small repairs and can be done quickly and inexpensively. However, if you neglect to make these small repairs, they can lead to larger problems down the road. Having these repairs taken care of during regular maintenance can save you an emergency visit later on.

The best time to have a technician in to perform regular maintenance is right before the winter cooling system. By waiting you will be taking the chance of increasing the difficulty of getting a technician to come out to your home during the winter months. The reason being is that they may be working on other projects for other people during the winter. By getting a technician out to your home before the weather gets cold will help ensure your furnace is in peak working condition when your family needs it and will cause you little to no problems while it is cold outside.

Erin Emanuel