How to Clean Persian Rugs: Step-by-Step Guide

Persian rugs are an exotic and classy item necessary for any and every home. The addition of a Persian rug to your home can considerably improve the environment and character of your living place. Almost every Persian carpet or rug is subject to spills and most of the mishaps can be handled with the slightest of trouble. Normally cleaning Persian carpet or rug is not a hard thing and 80% of all the spills can be detached without staining you carpet or rug. In this article, I am going to explain step-by-step procedure to clean and maintain your Persian carpets and rugs. Listed below are the steps which you need to follow in order to clean you Persian rugs.

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Respond Instantly to Stains

You can save yourself lot of problems and future headaches by washing stains right after they happen. The longer the stain remains in your Persian rugs or carpets the harder it will be to remove it completely. In this way you can prevent a costly professional carpet cleaning. You have to clean your carpet or rug regularly after every 20 to 30 days irrespective of the fact that they look clean as carpets pick up lot of dirt from daily use. You should regularly flip your rugs so that neither of the sides gets affected by sun and regular use. You should never rub at a stain as doing so will result in permanent marks; instead you should use a white soft cloth and press down and hold you cloth for surface stains. For deeper stains place some weight on the cloth and allow some time for the stain to be immersed by the cloth.

Vacuum Both Sides of Persian Rug

Vacuum your Persian Style Rugs regularly. The first thing you want to do while cleaning your Persian rugs is to get off all the dust, dirt and filth of the rugs. Pick one side of rug and give it a gentle jerk. If you see clouds of dust blasts, you carpet or rug is in desperate need of cleaning.  Vacuum you carpets and rugs thoroughly from the top before spinning it over and then vacuum the bottom. Always remember to vacuum your rugs with the suction attachment only (you should never use the beater brush) to eradicate surface dust or dirt.

Mix Cold-Water and White Vinegar Solution

Mix one part of white vinegar and 3 parts of cold water, as you don’t want to suppress the smell of vinegar. You should never use harsh chemicals and soaps and detergents to wash your rugs because Persian carpets are made up of vegetable dyes which are mostly natural dyes; the harsh chemicals and soaps will most probably do a chemical reaction with these dyes resulting in the discoloration of your rugs and carpets. If you do that you, it will cause black stains on your rugs so avoid using them. White vinegar is an old remedy for freshening and cleaning your Persian rugs, it provides natural clean and the rug colors will become more vibrant. Mix the water and vinegar solution in a spray bottle and spray it gently on all parts of the rug evenly and allow it to dry. You can use the same vinegar solution for cleaning the fringes of the rug by using a soft brush as if you are combing your hair. If the fringes are white use less vinegar. You should place a floor fan to dry your rugs faster, because the longer your rug is wet the more chance it has to become mildew. Don’t hang the rugs while your rugs are still dripping water it will cause the color to run off your rug. Hang it when it’s damp.

Using the above mentioned procedure for Persian rugs cleaning will ensure that your favorite rugs stay clean and well maintained, thereby adding color and beauty to your cozy home.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. I agree that you should take care of stains the second they happen. I would be very careful eating and drinking on persian rugs and avoid it when possible. They can be very pricey and are hard to clean. I like your solution, I will have to use that next time there is an accident.

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