How To Clean Shoes

There is no doubt about the fact that whatever style of life you have, you will eventually get your shoes dirty sometimes. It is something that everyone else does. Shoes don’t remain squeaky clean and don’t always look brand new too.

There is not much that you can do about it. However, there is something to do. You can make sure that they are clean. A simple and effective cleaning of your shoes will certainly make sure that these bad boys have all the dust and dirt removed from them.

So you have got a pair of dirty shoe? Well, you can clean them in any way you want, but the cleaning procedure actually depends upon the type of the material and the time taken for it to become squeaky clean.

How To Clean Shoes

Fun facts about shoes

  • Can you believe, men were the first on this planet to wear heels?
  • Platform shoes were used as a status symbol by the Greek actors
  • Rubber soles do not make noise, so the shoes are called sneakers
  • Audrey Hepburn brought loafers into style
  • Barleycorn was used to measure shoe sizes long back
  • A US lady owns an average of 19 pairs of shoes
  • The most expensive shoe was sold at $660,000
  • First boots were made for Queen Victoria in 1840

Some Tips That’ll Come In Handy

Want to make sure you have clean shoes the next time you go out? Well, here are some easy and simple steps, following which you will be rewarded with clean and amazing shoes

  • The first step of the whole shoe-cleaning procedure would be removing the insoles and laces of the shoes that you want to clean. Separate washing of the laces, the shoes, and the insoles are recommended as each one of them as their own drying time. However, many people opt for washing their laces along with the shoes in the machine. But if you do so, your soles will be water-logged for days.
  • What if your shoelaces are all scuzzy? While most people prefer to buy new laces, some prefer cleaning the existing ones. You can take the help of a soapy brush to scrub them clean, or you can also put them along with the shoes in your washing machine. You might want to tie them together first as they can block the drainage holes by getting stuck.
  • Make sure that you clean your insoles. Deodorize them if necessary. For cleaning the insoles, you can use a mixture of warm water and some liquid detergent. The soapy mixture is then put on a rug or a brush to scrub off the dirt. Soak up the soapy water from the insoles with the help of a sponge and air dry them.
  • Stubborn marks and excess debris should be cleaned from the shoes. Use a soft brush or a dry toothbrush to brush the dirt and debris away from the shoes. For other marks, you could always use warm water or a cream cleaner for cleaning the plastic areas.
  • Putting the pair of shoes inside a pillowcase can be helpful. Put the shoes in the pillowcase and use safety pins to shut the opening. Make sure that its half shut for the water to flow freely. Tie the ends of the laces and put them in the pillowcase along with the shoes.
  • Place your pillowcase inside the machine with towels. The towels act as a comfort protection that makes sure that the shoes don’t band around, inside the machine during washing. If the shoes bang the inside of the machine, it will be a great harm to the machine and the shoes too.
  • Adding liquid detergent while washing the shoes is a smart choice. Because the powdered one can get stuck in the shoes, using a liquid detergent helps. Use a bit of vinegar, if necessary, to remove the pine oil, or to remove bad odor or to disinfect the shoes.
  • Set the washing machine to a start and watch your shoes go squeaky clean. Make sure that you have a light and delicate setting on your washing machine. Keep the temperature cool and set a slow or no spin mode. Tumble drying is strictly prohibited. If your shoes are in a warm temperature, it can cause them to damage easily. Also, fast spin causes serious damage to the shoes or the machine.
  • Remove the shoes and air dry them once your washing is done. Remove them from the pillowcase and set the air-dryer for drying. Putting the shoes in the regular drying machine is not recommended because it warps the soles of the shoes. Use paper towels to soak up the water.

Well, there you go. These are the different steps to clean your shoes. Make sure that you follow every one of them to ensure a great cleaning experience.

Erin Emanuel